Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Western Vs Eastern Culture

Harry Potter, Spider man were banned in China, reason they said is" Spoil our culture, also we don’t want to Western culture influence our culture". Why Indians were not initiated this a long back, As eastern culture means "Indian culture" , that is western people think now. Why we are moving forward to western culture, I suppose.

Eastern vs. Western Culture
The following is a list of attitude and value differences between eastern thought/culture and Western thought/culture. It has been adapted from a list provided by Rev. Tran Binh Trong, Vietnamese Apostolate, Richmond, VA.

• Live in time
• Value rest
• Passive
• Contemplative
• Accept what is
• Live in nature
• Want to know meaning
• Freedom of silence
• Lapse into meditation
• Marry first, then love
• Love is mute
• Focus on self-abnegation
• Learn to do with less
• Ideal - love of life
• Honor austerity
• Wealth & Poverty - results of fortune
• Cherish wisdom of years
• Retire to enjoy the gift of your family

• Live in space
• Value activity
• Assertive
• Diligent
• Seek change
• Live with nature
• Want to know how it works
• Freedom of speech
• Strive for articulation
• Love first, then marry
• Love is vocal
• Focus on self-assuredness
• Attempt to get some more
• Ideal - being successful
• Honor achievement
• Wealth/Poverty - results of enterprise
• Cherish vitality of youth
• Retire to enjoy the rewards of your work,

I will go ahead collect few documents regarding Western Vs Eastern, will get the result ASAP.

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Aravinth said...

hey as for the westerns the eastern culture is good and they r moving towards east but the easterns the western culture is good and they r moving towards it....

there is no harm in it....later we will take our own culture from westerns saying that is a western culture but the truth will be lost....


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