Tuesday, July 13, 2004

War Against US

Philippine withdrawing troops from Iraq ignoring White house warning for a Truck driver.

The Philippines started withdrawing its troops from Iraq, ignoring a White House warning that an early pullout would ``send the wrong signal'' to terrorists threatening to behead a civilian Filipino hostage. What else US need now, it seems they wont bother about te lives in Iraq, only their need is to their troops to be Iraq, their people to govern. I was shocked a to see that recorded relay of a korean refugee has been killed. Oh god how their family felt on that time seeing their guys killed in front of them.

"The Philippine contingent of 51 troops was reduced to 43 today, Foreign Secretary Delia Albert said in a taped statement aired on ABS-CBN News Channel and other Manila media networks. She didn't say when the remainder would be pulled out. Her spokesman Gilberto Asuque declined to elaborate.

The withdrawal, a month ahead of schedule, comes after terrorists threatened to behead fuel-truck driver Angelo de la Cruz if Philippine troops weren't withdrawn. The abductors have twice extended the deadline for executing the 46-year-old father of eight, who was seized last week in Baghdad.

The government of President Gloria Arroyo last week said it wouldn't bow to terrorists and would keep its troops in Iraq until their scheduled departure on Aug. 20. It stressed the troops were serving in non-combat roles such as construction, food service and distribution of medical supplies"

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