Thursday, July 01, 2004

SadDamn, president of Iraq?

I was shocked when I was watching (TV) the conversation between the Judge and Saddam held in the Court in Iraq, the answers by Saddam shows that he is in his own country, leader still, as the report said that he co-operated with US Army when he got arrested few months back.

Judge: What is your name?
Saddam: I am Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq."

The judge insisted Saddam was the former president -- and Saddam responded that he still is president.Saddam insisted on being referred to as the "president of the Republic of Iraq."

"This is all a theater by Bush, the criminal," he said in a courtroom that once was part of a palace built for him.

I dont want to discuss these law, think of a saddam as a human. He built a palace for him, lived as a king there, now he was being enquired in the same palace as a courtroom. This will be really hurting him.

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Krish said...

I dont find any difference between Saddam and Bush. Bush is even more horrible- He professes for a free world and look what his soldiers have done. Saddam himself was a mascot of US once. Vagaries of LIFE!!!


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