Thursday, April 27, 2006

Moment that I love..

Lying in the bed alone and listening to the rain outside,
Thinking about the person you love,
Taking lonely, long drive on a calm road,
Finding some money in your old jeans just when you needed,
Giggling naughtily,
Holding hands with your friend,
Getting a hug from someone you love,
Moment your eyes filled with tears after a big laugh,
The moment you get wed to your loved one,
The moment you felt the softness of your baby’s fingers.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oracle Bid for Redhat

Tech Sector shopaholic Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, seems to be looking for his next fix. This in itself is not unusual, but the fact that he is taking Oracle ‘beyond the brochure’ by considering the purchase of an operating system vendor is cause for reflection. Oracle actually already has a majority stake in a little operation called Miracle Linux. However the database vendor may seek revenge on Linux distributor (distro – in Silicon Valley parlance) Red Hat for winning their battle to acquire open source middleware vendor JBoss. By launching a hostile bid for Red Hat, Oracle would fill the missing pieces needed for the software giant to offer a complete software solution. This will put rivals such as Sap and Microsoft on the back foot. A natural extension of this strategy would be to add hardware to the portfolio. So Sun (for servers) and Dell (for PCs) might consider beefing up their defences.

Monday, April 24, 2006

CSC- The Best

It was 22-April 2004, with smile on face, tears in heart I left CSC-Noida with lot of best wishes. I worked in 5 companies in my work experience and I found CSC is best in work culture and policies. I heard from lot of X-Csc'ians saying that CSC is best ever. It's been 2 years out of CSC though, my memories are still swirling around Sector-62. CSC was my dream company before joining and so now. Thanks a lot to CSC ever and ever. I dunno whether I will go back to CSC or not, however If I get a chance to work with, I am always happy to be and expecting the same at anytime.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


For this Bharuch(Gujarat) village which swears by the game, everyone was glued to their TV sets except for the boy's family and the street where he lives. For them, watching TV is “bad influence.” So as the hows and whens of his first wicket were discussed passionately, both his sisters were in school, his mother, who has never watched her son bowl, kept a roza for his success. His father, a small-time cotton farmer, reluctantly braved the crowd of reporters. He is a textbook success story. From the cotton fields and humble origins to the national team, he is now seen as an inspiration for every farmer’s son in this village to hang onto impossible dreams.

His mother says she is now contemplating buying a TV set. So far, the family didn’t get one as TV viewing is considered a “bad influence” in this religious but not very conservative household. “(We hope to get a TV now) so that we see him play and nothing else,” said the mother, who remembers his 101 in a village game some years ago.

The village has all signs of prosperity, well-laid concrete roads, a playground, mosques, but it is again his family which stands out. The father confesses that the family has seen worse days and occasionally breaks down in disbelief that the once barefoot, lanky son of a farmer, is now actually playing with the cricket greats. Since his success, the only addition in the home is a wooden cabinet displaying his trophies.

Being a farmer's son he is my role model.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vote Or Get Voted Out

What is the Government doing for us? Why are tax-paying citizens like us, getting taxed further? These thoughts might have crossed my mind many-a-times. We criticize the fall in standards of governance and public life. But we fail to realize that a few simple actions from our part can actually help turn things around.It’s now the time for educated people, like us to actively participate and elect our own representatives.

For a start, let’s begin by exercising our grey cells a little and attempt the quiz, “Get Voting” right now. It’s time to change now…for the better.

For more details on Graduates Constituency Voters Enrollment Drive, please visit


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