Monday, May 30, 2005

Palghat Mami & Coimbatore Mama(A/C Minor)

External changes, working in various companies, living in different geographical location, does these make a difference in wavelength or in friendship? NO, Never...

Hari's marriage is one of the examples to prove this. When lot of vehicles holding DMK's flag for their meet (MANAADU) at Coimbatore (Sivakumar Kamal venu Gopal's Native), I also joined in that traffic to move my vehicle slowly to CBE. Surprisingly Prasad was the first guy to reach the place exactly which never happened before. Good thing is that he was not sleeping, Aravinth came with loaded F75 (Nikon), and myself with hopes (what else I can have). We reached the place after a lot of trekking (diverted traffic to a narrow road) with my car to reach the mahal. Coimbatore Mama & Palghat Mami was ready to receive us (hehehhe). One special thing about Hari’s marriage Reception is that the Orchestra and Dance. I never saw a Groom dancing in his marriage may it is new to Coimbatore (Hari dances well;)), also I able to understand "Seena thaana"(Vasool raja) song is so effective when everybody started dancing.

Amazing to see Priya in Madisar (Palghat mami), its great experience, and unforgettable moment. As TamilCSC policy we have been to Marutha Malai as a short picnic and we back to our survival :(
We were thinking about(miss) our full team :(

Ps: Pics will be published ASAP.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


(If you have any urgent work do it first, else continue)

Tamil Version of Memories of Invisible man, but Title says that Story: RamGopalVarma (Copy and Copy)

Usual story, already people has decided that it is a logical less movie, and then they would have done some more graphics (budget problem). A Usual triangle love story.

A usual & useless young man (Ramesh) fell in love with his neighborhood (Pooja). But pooja loves some other guy. Ramesh has been critized by all of the people; somehow he gets a Supernatural power (invisible to all). In between this, for star value they are introducing Sarath.. Ramesh trying to make understand his feelings, for that he is robbing a bank, making traffic jam, blasting some busses and car(too mucha theriyala). Finally she understands his love @ that time he is being killed by police.
Onne onu thevala- Coimbatore song
Punch- Jithan- Dubukku(a fav. dialogue in this movie)
ILA' Box Office - 23/100

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Mahendran, a great director who made slow and soft movies in older days. My Expectation was very high when I heard that his son directed after some Masala movies from Vijay. But this movies is not like Gilli or Thirupachi. Vijay moved to next level in his acting. Yes, it is a soft. romance and a full comedy movie. I believe he made it very perfect.

In this time have consider about Bipasa Basu debute in tamil movie. Sorry guys, dont expect more about Bip, nothing special, to be honest Bipasa did n't do well. Jenilia, again a great a performace, supported Vijay in this movie, dance for Vaseegara songs is ultimate(sexy though). vadivelu, cracking few jokes, as Vijay has taken his role (comedian) his role doesnt shine. About music, ultimate is the theme music (heard more than 100 times and my car streo player will cry when I play this music again). Good with some contraversy.

Ore pugaipa, softuku ithu thevaiya illaya?

Punch: Its a draw match but Vijay scored a century.

ILA's Box office score- 41/100

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Three Best Practises of Leading Organizations

What are the leaders doing?

Listening, responding and collaborating with external groups: customers, partners and even competitors.

Taco Bell sought out the feedback of about 10,200 participants to choose from various categories of fixings to create a hot selling burrito. To the shock of the dieticians at Taco Bell, instead of a low calorie item, most respondents wanted an ‘indulgent’ burrito and they were willing to pay extra for it.

Innovating your way to success

At Apple, Steve Jobs believes “Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we’ve been thinking about a problem. Its ad hoc meetings of six people called by someone who thinks he has figured out the coolest new thing ever and who wants to know what other people think of his idea.”

Empowering your employees

IBM has allocated upto $5000 annually for each front line manager, no questions asked, to spend on responding to extraordinary situations that will enable them to generate business, develop client relationships or respond to any employee’s emergency need. With 22,000 front line managers, Sam Palmisano calls it their “$100 million bet on trust”.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Mumbai Express

Nowadays Hindi movie stories are mostly like marrying or .... others lover(s) and wife. One thing we have to appreciate Kamal that he used thatconcept in this movie however the same also there in this movie. Express starts very fast with good jokes(hats off to Pasupathi, he proved that he came from Koothu Pattarai as a comedian), Kamal is the only guy who can take risk in characteriastion. Express slows down due to screenpaly and finally it didnt reach the goal with poor script.
Better luck next time Kamal. Ithu poya Dr. Iyaa vum, Thirumavalavanum sandai pottanga, ada pongayya.

ILA's Box office gives 33/100 for this movie.
(PS: Chandra Mukhi-45/100)


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