Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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Tamil Version of Memories of Invisible man, but Title says that Story: RamGopalVarma (Copy and Copy)

Usual story, already people has decided that it is a logical less movie, and then they would have done some more graphics (budget problem). A Usual triangle love story.

A usual & useless young man (Ramesh) fell in love with his neighborhood (Pooja). But pooja loves some other guy. Ramesh has been critized by all of the people; somehow he gets a Supernatural power (invisible to all). In between this, for star value they are introducing Sarath.. Ramesh trying to make understand his feelings, for that he is robbing a bank, making traffic jam, blasting some busses and car(too mucha theriyala). Finally she understands his love @ that time he is being killed by police.
Onne onu thevala- Coimbatore song
Punch- Jithan- Dubukku(a fav. dialogue in this movie)
ILA' Box Office - 23/100


Anonymous said...

Hai Ila,
Why Can't u change your Blog Name as "celluloid Waves".....?!
"Jithan" a good Movie, with a wonderful silent atmosphere in theater, no body nearby me to disturb, Effective A/C, and a Very good Sleep….ZZzzz……

Anonymous said...

Good "Anonymous" suggestion. Consider it-Nayag

Cogito said...

Looks like the Short story of Darna Mana Hai has become a loooong story here !

Anonymous said...

its a remake of gayab - thats why RGV



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