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About Symbiosis Exams:
Study material which they provided is upto Symbiosis level, however exams are more practical oriented. Even if you fully through the book will not be sufficient to attend the exams. Then how to prepare for exams? Go through the book, do some case study on each and every chapter after then have to have practicle knowledge and lot of general knowledge.

An intersting incident happend last week. I parked my vehicle in front of my examination center(Arena, CMH Road, Indra nagar) and went for my exam, is about 1 hr. When I came back from after my exams, I found my vehicle was missing. What to do? it's a new vehicle brought 2 months back only. I was tensed, started sweating and I dont have idea to do further. Then mentally recovered to search for it. I went to nearest Traffic Police station in CMH Road and have been diverted to Indra Nagar Police station as it was a missing case. There, Inspector was really helpful questioned me what was happend. After getting my answers he cleared to me that and told me a fact. Fact was that, I parked my vehicle in NO PARKING area. So sincere traffic department has taken vehicle to their custody. Where? there is no GOOGLE to search for it. Got a news that toed vehicles will be found in Biappanahalli police station. I went to the police station and found my was there and tied with big iron chain(like manohara Sivaji). Again I found that police station is for Criminal Cases(hahhha), at the same time they told traffic police will come there to release the vehicle after getting the penalty(?!). I found few guys are also waiting to realse their vehicles, started chatting with those guys(kashtathilum comedythan). TrafficInspector came after 20 mins with some more vehicles(pity owners). And he asked to come in queue to collect the vehicles. As a first person I went to collect the vehicle, he asked for Rs.300/- and given a reciept for Rs.100/-. I shocked and started starring, but he given one more reciept for another Rs.200/-. Sincere Sigamani. Moral of this story is DONT PARK THE VEHICLE IN NO PARKING AREA.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Asphalt Godowns to an IT Company

Since Indian IT Company's architecture are started competing with best world architects, an pretty old Asphalt tobacco godown has been renovated to Beautiful IT Software Company in Bangalore.

Driving from the airport into this city that has become India's technology hub, visitors are struck by the gleam of steel-and-glass high-rise office and apartment buildings with names like Golden Enclave and Diamond District. Farther along, dozens of box-shaped, glass-encased buildings carry signboards of the biggest Western high-tech companies.

In contrast to these unabashed clones of buildings in Palo Alto or San Jose is a 37-acre campus in the heart of the city whose granite- and terra cotta-adorned buildings are set among decades-old trees and painted in vibrant Indian shades of brick red and deep green. The buildings have names from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, while the rooms within are named after the ancient books of learning, the Vedas. Every morning the Indian flag is ceremonially hoisted on a central flagpole, an unusual practice for businesses here. At lunchtime, the chirping of birds mixes with the chatter of workers in the open spaces . Young men in jeans and polo shirts and women in colorful salwar kameez (an Indian tunic and trouser suit) linger along the stone-paved avenues.

The campus, with its distinctive architecture, is the headquarters of a four-year-old outsourcing company called ITC Infotech. With 4,000 employees and $55 million in revenues, the company's professed philosophy is not to let its workplace be an imitation of countless modern buildings. Flouting the local fashion for buildings with names like Hi-Tech Tower or Software Techcity, the company calls its campus simply the ITC Infotech Park. As its managing director, Sanjay Verma said, "This campus reflects our Indian-ness."

The tranquil expanse that blends the old and the new provides relief amid the concrete and glass structures in Bangalore, a city that the World Bank lists as among the fastest growing in the world. The country's biggest domestic outsourcing companies like Infosys Technologies and Wipro are headquartered here, as are the Indian branches of multinationals like Intel and Texas Instruments.

In the last decade, the boom in the outsourcing of services from Western countries has brought about a construction explosion in the once quiet and orderly Bangalore. Call center and software services companies have grabbed whatever high-rise buildings that have sprouted up, as if overnight, with scant regard to urban planning or design.

"Companies say, 'We need a million square feet of space,' then go to their laptops and slap aluminum and glass over the million square feet," said Bob Hoekstra, head of the software division at Philips Electronics India.

Mr. Hoekstra, who is campaigning for the local government to improve facilities like roads, traffic systems and public transport, said multinationals like Intel and SAP AG had given little thought to aesthetics. "Intel's campus looks like a parking lot with a building in the middle; SAP's resembles the Frankfurt airport," he said.

In the new buildings of Bangalore, and other outsourcing centers like nearby Chennai or Gurgaon in the suburbs of New Delhi, academics see an eagerness to conform to what is perceived here as the Western taste.

"Companies psychologically feel that their Western clients want to come here and see something that looks familiar and efficient," said Aparna Narasimhan, an architect at the Bangalore-based firm Venkataramanan Associates, which has designed buildings for Infosys and General Electric.

When ITC Infotech set out three years ago to plan its campus, it bucked such trends. Opportunely, its parent, ITC Ltd., a 100-year-old cigarette maker with interests in hotels, apparel and food products, offered its defunct tobacco manufacturing complex in central Bangalore. But one architect after another suggested the same plan: bulldoze the 36 tobacco warehouses and replace them with glass-and-steel high-rises. Mr. Verma, ITC Infotech's top executive, who first joined the parent company as a young shift engineer at this tobacco complex in 1981, found this idea repugnant. Finally, the company came to the Bangalore-based architect Krishnarao Jaisim, who agreed with Mr. Verma that the old structures and environment were worth preserving.

Mr. Jaisim, whose firm is named Jaisim Fountainhead, in reference to the Ayn Rand novel, said his work had always been defined by the book's central character, the architect Howard Roark.

"I read the book in the 1960's; it has been my moral guideline ever since," he said. The book influenced him to work on his own terms and abhor commercialism, he said.

For ITC Infotech, Mr. Jaisim said he wanted to come up with a plan that would retain the character of the old warehouses while upgrading them.

"When I started, the warehouses stank of tobacco and every road was covered with asphalt," he said.

Three years later, two dozen of the warehouses have been modified to seat hundreds of workers each, and most of the streets have been paved with local stone. The architect retained the shell of the old high-ceilinged warehouses. Besides the strikingly minimal use of glass and steel, these buildings have unusual new touches: walls made of hollow terra-cotta blocks, flat stone tables and acoustic-friendly ceilings that are fashioned out of earthen pots. The giant century-old chimney, ancient trees and even an old fire station have been left standing.

One jarring note is the unusual number of smokers on the campus. Unlike other outsourcing firms, where smoking is frowned upon, at this subsidiary of India's biggest cigarette maker the practice is not discouraged.

The distinctive marks of the company's ideas have paid off for ITC Infotech in unexpected ways.

"Many employees feel a strong sense of pride in their unique campus," said Anirvan Mukherjee, a systems analyst who joined ITC Infotech nearly three years ago.

"One of the high points of working here is the campus," said Mr. Mukherjee, adding that his workplace was the envy of all his friends.

Mr. Verma said that in Bangalore, where competition for skilled talent is intense, "Our campus is a great differentiator."

It is a refreshing change from the "clipped, almost Californian, presentation of the typical campus" said Simon P. Bentley, vice president for application development at DHL, one of ITC Infotech's customers. Mr. Bentley said it is a "beautiful oasis in the midst of the daily noise and difficulty" of life in Bangalore. It was as comfortable and efficient as his own offices in Scottsdale, Ariz., he said, but with a "more enviable" natural environment.

Aesthetic examples such as ITC Infotech are rare, said Kamal Sagar, a Bangalore architect whose firm, Total Environment, prides itself on creating structures that incorporate greenery and local building materials.

"Every company wants to outdo the other," said Mr. Sagar, citing the spaceship- and Sydney Opera House-inspired food courts at Infosys's headquarters and its plans to build origami-shaped buildings in nearby Mysore. "Companies like Infosys and Wipro have the power to shape Bangalore's skyline," he said, "and so they should."

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Exam Time

Since I have PGDBA-Exam (Symbiosis) I am taking a small break for this week and will comtinue my blogging from next week onwards(Tam & Eng).

Friday, August 19, 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kannada Films

I have taken a review of Kannada Films and gathered few interesting news about this industry. I will post it in phase by phase as it has long story behind. This R&D started all beacuse of Prasad,Anil(AR) & Siddappa. Sorry to Prasad where We( Tamil CSC) used to crack jokes on Kannada Movies.

Let we start from 60's

In the 60’s and 70’s, of course the films were different and indeed look refreshing even if watched now. This is because they contain evergreen stories, thoroughly prepared screenplays, extraordinary lyrics to songs, excellent & committed performances by the artistes & technicians. Hence, one can detect very few flaws in those films.

In the 80’s, it started showing the monotony. Most of the films contained one famous formula: A hero, who initially is easy-going with few romances with his girl, continues enjoying his life. Suddenly there is a flashback which enlightens him about the story of maybe his parents attacked and tortured by the villains. In the meantime hero himself experiences bitter moments with these villains. Few songs, a rape scene, few ugly comedy scenes etc. to complete the masala. And towards the end, the villains create the ultimate trouble by kidnapping someone that hero is fondly attached with. And then, there is that lengthy climax which enhances the glory of hero over villains. Usually the film would end with a happy-note, maybe a bit of sentiment with somebody sacrificing their life.
In 90s, another trend emerged. An easy-going hero falls in love with the heroine through mere eye-contact. He conveys it to her; she hesitates initially and finally succumbs. Few hiccups due to either families, economic-communal differences or some other villains. So hero does all the heroics to come out of this. Heroine is just a glam-doll through out the film. And finally the film ends with the superlative message like, “namma preethige jaya” or sometimes, “premigalu sattharoo preethige saavilla”.

So people can’t find stories for films, can’t even make considerable alterations in screenplays or at least change the narration-style.

In the late 90s and 20th century, they got a so-called fresh concept. It was indeed fresh when it was all started by Sunil Kumar Desai in “Beladhingala Bale”. This is the concept where, the hero and heroine love unknowing each other. A telephone, letter, email or even a piano or violin would be the mediator for them. And some times they even know each other, but mistake some body else as their lover who comes in their way—maybe one among the three would be playing the game.

OK, at least here there is a fair share for both hero and heroine to perform. But how long can we tolerate this concept. To name few of the films which followed this trend are: Yaare Neenu Cheluve, Kushalave Kshemave, Heart beats, Jodi, Chora chittha chora, Ninagaagi, Kanasugaara, Excuse me, Romeo matthu Juliet, etc. etc. (Know there are far too many films other than these and most of them are remakes too).

There is something called creativity in any ART and one needs to enjoy the work of film-making. Of course, few of would argue that this is the story of any other Indian language films too. But there are other reasons too for which Kannadiga's are struggling this way.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

7 ideas to Make Positive

Listed below are seven ideas that really work to help you think more positive. Life is difficult, but there are things you can do to lighten your load. See if some of these don't help.

Teach Yourself A Lesson

In counseling this technique is called reframing. You take a bad experience and try to define what it is that you can learn from this experience that will make your life better. It is a way of turning pain to gain.

Interrupt Your Negative Thoughts

Research shows that if you continue to think negatively, you will feel more negative. Interrupting those thoughts and replacing them with positive memories can be extremely helpful in creating more positive energy.

Set Realistic Goals

Positive thinkers have learned how to meet their objectives. They set standards that are neither too high nor too low. They feel a sense of accomplishments when they complete tasks on their daily "to do" list. Realistic goals must be specific and they must be achievable.

Be Good To Yourself

You need to define those things that make you feel good and as often as you can incorporate them into your life. We know that positive reinforcement works. You need to reinforce yourself with the things that you value and enjoy.

Look For The Silver Lining

While it is true that negative things do happen and that there are times, when we seem to be overwhelmed by them, it is important that positive things do, in fact happen. Take time each day to write down or think about positive things that occurred in your day. It could be as simple as looking at a beautiful cloud, or hearing a song that you really enjoy.

Be Glad It's Not Worse

This technique simply put says, while my situation may be bad, it indeed could be worse. An example would be that you break your wrist, but that's better than being paralyzed for the rest of your life from the waist down. While sometimes our situation is as bad as it gets, usually, in most of our situations, we can find things that are worse.

Fake It

Charlie Chaplin once said, "Smile though your heart is breaking." While it is important to get in touch with our feelings, being able to tell a joke, put a smile on our face, or do something that is absurdly pleasurable can help the discomfort of our lives go away.
Consider whether any of these techniques help you think more positively.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Yahoo-Audio Search

As Yahoo started competing with Google yesterday they introduced the test version of a service that lets people search more than 50 million music and other audio files on the Internet. I remember, Altavista started this feature a few years back and most of us dont know about this feature with Altavista. Google and Yahoo are in the competetion and not able to find Altavista is in this competetion. Why?

For search Audio through Yahoo

Some chotta motta company will be loosing their product even though having good feature when some big company is using the same technology.

Was Altavista has been acquired by big companies?

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My New Web Site

My Dear Bloggers,

I would like to inform you all the I moving all my blogs to my new web site by phase. I request you all who are all having my blog link as change it to Sorry for the inconveinience.

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I would like to have an web logo for my new web(will be announced later). Please suggest me a new logo which is visible on top-->left corner on your web page.
Also a slogan (Just Build a Better You-existing one)

Shoot your comments.


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