Tuesday, May 30, 2006


What is BlogDesam.com
BlogDesam.com is a portal for Blogs(Weblogs) written in English. It incorporates listing of blogs, newfeed (loosely rss) aggregation, additional value-added services provided with a pleasant user interface. BlogDesam is one-of-a-kind in many aspects.

BlogDesam offers the following features, many of which are unique:

For all the listed blogs (without the need of inserting any code/link into your blog):
Instantly update and display of your post’s preview in the BlogDesam homepage.
Categorise every post of yours, so that your posts reach the right kind of (targetted) visitors of BlogDesam

Benefits for the visitors:

Keep minute-by-minute tracking of what is going on in the blogosphere.
Preview the posts by category and display/hide select categories of your choice.
Navigate through the archives of posts, by date, filtered by categories.
Search the listed blogs for any word, that can be extended to today, the past week, or the past month.
Get pdf e-books made instantly from the posts of your choice (requires blogger’s cooperation, though) for off-line reading/carry-in-your-palm-during-commute/emailing.

So Guys register and get hooked with BlogDesam

Monday, May 29, 2006

Coimbatore Visit

I have been to coimbatore 1 month before and I was keen on visiting Race Course for these miniatures. Even my coimbatore friend didnot aware of these. So I grabbed my friend reached Race Course in a peak Sunlight. roamed around and taken those pictures.

Here is the project Link

Friday, May 26, 2006

Watching TV

University in New Mexico shows that compulsive TV viewing can leave people feeling lonely and depressed. This is really true when I am in Noida felt the same, depressed in evening. It found that 12% of TV viewing addicts who watch upto 28-40 hrs per week (for me it is double). Found they were unhappy watching the shows but unable to stop themselves.
That is the reason I bought Satellte Radio to avoid watching TV. I was frustrated once started watching TV on a weekend for 2 days continuously ended with the whole weekdays depressed. I don’t think PEPSI TV advertisement is good for health.

Guys, aware the serials are killing the time even NGC, NDTV, CNBC and Animal Planet. Plug out your mind to reading or listening.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Leading Outsourcing Vendors

Forrester evaluated leading outsourcing vendors on their ability to implement IT sourcing deal transformation management across 55 criteria and found that EDS is the clear winner for its current ability to launch sourcing deals and transform customer environments. IBM has strong capabilities and leads with strategy for future supremacy. Because of its balance between current implementation strength and well-articulated future strategy, CSC is the overall leader and is challenging for supremacy in both current offering and strategy (although rumors of acquisition continue to surround the respected firm). Despite companywide troubles with revenue and margin, Capgemini’s current delivery ability helped it hang onto a leadership position. CGI Group is the smallest vendor that we evaluated, but it emerged as a Strong Performer largely because of its ability to satisfy customers. EMEA-based
Atos Origin showed solid reference customer scores but still needs to mature its IT sourcing deal transformation management capability. This report includes an interactive vendor comparison tool that provides detailed service evaluations and customizable rankings.


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