Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tag-for a Cause!

Chain Blogs for a cause!

Q: There are hazards of bloggers scribling everyday. Do we really read all those blogs?

Ans: NO.

Q: Why?

Ans: Because we are not aware who are all blogging?

Q: If we know who are posting, can we read those?

Ans: Yes, may be.

Q: But how do i know there is a new post available ?

Ans: that is the reason we are going to make a community for us. As a initial stage we need people for the forum. A forum cannot be successfull with out contributors. So, this chain blogs will intimate the people are in same wavelength and the forum will make aware those new post available. Sounds great, huh

1. You have to invite 4 of your fav. bloggers
2. Give your tag post link as a comment in
3. This rules must be copied in the botton of your post.
4. Intimate to your fav. bloggers by commenting on their blogs

The chain blog content:

1. What are all the four countries you have been since.
2. Name the 4 celeberities you like.
3. Name 4 singers you like.
4. Name 4 movies you like

Let me start with:
1. What are all the four countries you have been since.
UK, US, France & Scotland

2. Name the 4 celeberities you like.
As of today, Paris Hilton, Rajini, Mr. Tony Blair and Gandhi

3. Name 4 singers you like.
SPB, KJ Jesudas, HariHaran & Shreya Ghosal

4. Name 4 movies you like
Saving Private Ryan, Unnal Mudiyum Thambi(tamil), Cast away and Dil Chatha Hai

My 4 Fav bloggers:
1. Cogito
2. Chin
3. Vicky
4. India Un cut Amit Varma

1. You have to invite 4 of your fav. bloggers
2. Give your tag post link as a comment in
3. This rules must be copied in the botton of your post.4. Intimate to your fav. bloggers by commenting on their blogs

iPhone-in India

Apple Inc will launch its latest offering, the iPhone in the here (US) tomorrow. Apart from functioning as a phone, the device can function as a media player and also as a wireless web surfing device.

Officially, it will not be available in India for at least another year.

But for those who really want it, the wait might be as short as a fortnight or, at the most, a month. This is not just because of efficiently smuggled shipments but a technical ‘feat’ as well.

In the US, Apple has tied up with AT&T in an exclusive contract. This means that the iPhone will only work on an AT&T SIM card for which buyers have to sign up for an $59 to $100 a month plan for a minimum two-year subscription.

But in India, grey market operators say they can “unlock” the phone for just Rs 1,000 or Rs 1,500 so that it can be used on any network in India. “Unlocking the iPhone isn’t tough,” said a dealer in central Delhi.

In the US, the phone is priced between $500 (Rs 22,000) for the 4 GB version and $600 (Rs 25,500) for the 8 GB model. There are further variations depending upon the memory. Out in the grey markets of Palika Bazar or Sarojini Nagar, an entry-level iPhone will be available for Rs 30,000. National Market Rs 32,000.

Unlocked Apple iPhone units are expected to be auctioned off at a premium, especially in Asian markets.

//As the world gets ready for this deadline to grab one of the most sought after handsets - the iPhone - two Indian companies are also getting ready to register gains from this revolutionary offering of Apple Inc., the makers of Macintosh computer (popularly called Mac) and the iPod.

Noida-based HCL Infosystems and Bangalore-based Wipro Technologies are close to becoming the exclusive Indian distributors of the iPhone. Analysts are expecting 1-3 million handsets to hit the shelves on Friday.

A luxury product costing $499 for 4 gigabytes memory and $599 for 8 gigabytes memory, iPhone will have a large touch screen minus the conventional keypad. It will also double up as an iPod, video player and will come equipped with a digital camera.//

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sivaji-Making of Oru Koodai Sunlight

Shanker started his CG (Computer Graphics) adventure from his first film itself, the Cartoon type of Dance which suited to Prabhu Deva's choreography in the song Chikku bukku was a super dooper hit all over India. He continued with Prabhu for next film Kadhalan and brought the technology from the Hollywood film Invisible man to Mukkabla Song. He the person who pulled the DTS technology to his tamil film Indian, with the help of his Friend H Sridhar. Both running a successful sound recording theater called Panchathan. Skeleton dance from MJ in Jeans, used morphing technology from MJ again for Maaya Machindra Indian-Tamil(Hindustani in Hindi), technically headed by "Maayavi" Venki.

Before getting to Sivaji making, Lets start with company who done the miracle ever in the world. The company name is Indian Artists from Vadapalani.

Indian Artists was the first to start and use digital Ink and Painting for 2D Cel Animation in South India. They foray into filmdom with the film INDIAN (Tamil). Until date, worked on the following films – Sivaji (Tamil), Anniyan (Tamil), Krish (Hindi), Gajani (Tamil), Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi (Tamil), Veyil (Tamil), Sivakasi (Tamil), Dishyum (Tamil), Bangaram (Telugu), Gilli (Tamil), Boys (Tamil), Dhool (Tamil), Runway (Malayalam), Enakku 20 Unakku 18 (Tamil), Anji (Telugu), Magic Magic 3D, Mizhirendilum (Malayalam), Kunjikunnan (Malayalam), Ramana (Tamil), Run (Tamil), Kushi (Tamil), Kadalar Dinam (Tamil), Hindustan (Telugu), Yuvakudu (Telugu) and Palayathamman (Tamil) and list continues. They were awarded the National Award for Magic Magic 3D in 2003 produced by Navodaya Films.

About Sivaji: Director Shanker wanted to change Rajini's wheatish complexion to a white European complexion. It was Directors brilliance and peak of his imagination. Indian Artists took this as a challenging task, because nobody has executed this type of concept in the world. To begin with, Indian artists did an in-depth study of the European complexion. They found that white skin reflects more light and has less shadow when compared to dark skin and is translucent in some areas. Therefore a simple color correction of the hero's skin would not achieve the desired effect.

For the shoot a London based young white lady with a fresh complexion and flushed cheeks was chosen and with the help of Cinematographer Mr. K.V.Anand every single shot of the hero was repeated with her because lighting conditions change in every shot. After the final edit all the 630 hero shots and 630 girl shots were scanned in 4K resolution. Each of the 9000 scanned frames ware rotoscoped to separate the body parts (face, hands, legs etc.). The white lady's skin was mapped onto the Super Star's image using Eyeon “Digital Fusion” software. Thus the Super Star got his glowing white complexion. There were two difficult aspects in this project. One was matching the girl's action with the hero's action and the second was matching both of their body proportions during mapping.

Though it sounds simple, the work involved was laborious and painstaking. Great attention was paid to detail right from the shoot until the final print. It has taken 25 dedicated CG technicians almost a year to achieve this 6 ½ min. feat.

Thanks for Info and Movies Indian Artists.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rajini- The Boss

Why Rajnikant is such a superstar has less to do with the way he flicks his gogs and more to do with his residence address. Nowhere in this country are people as movie-mad as in south India. When Andhra's N.T. Rama Rao's films were released in the sixties and seventies, his underprivileged fans would donate blood to pay for movie tickets. When M.G. Ramachandran died in 1987, two million followed his remains, 30 committed suicide and thousands shaved their heads. Rajkumar's death last year brought on riots in Bangalore; his 'fans' shut the city down for two days, burnt cars, tear-gassed civilians and indulged in street wars. Interestingly, Andhra is known to have more cinema halls per square kilometre than anywhere else in the country. South Indian films are a curious social phenomenon. They may be scoffed at as vulgar, base and even gaudy. The heroes are paunchy and mustachioed. The heroines are fair, flabby and semi-naked, like zaftig dolls. The sets are huge and surreal, the action extreme, the songs are raunchy and the plots are stuck in the eighties.
But that's the most wonderful thing about the films. They may be unintentionally comic, but they are unpretentious. They pander to every stereotype there is without any intent to pseudo-intellectualise. Rajni played a foreign-returned person in last week's Rs 90 crore release, Sivaji - The Big Boss. His face was whitened in every frame, using a first-time computer regeneration technique and a Caucasian woman's complexion. These films are watched with the heart, not the head. They are made for the front-bencher for whom cinema is the only escape from the hot weather, his jobless existence and an ultra-conventional mindset. The film is his relief. Which is why all southern heroes are almost always fighting the system. Which is why the hero always gets the girl. Which is why the impoverished employee always wins over the rich employer. Which is also why the average film-watcher will queue up for never-ending hours to pay Rs 10 for a first-come-first serve seat.

I'm convinced of this, especially when you take Kerala into account. Kerala doesn't share the economic disparities of its southern counterparts. Audiences here enjoy a superlative literacy rate. Kerala boasts immense talent as well; Mammootty and Mohanlal are both brilliant, and Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of the state's intellectual exports to the mainstream.

The south Indian hero is a cultural mixed bag; he is a political, economic and social icon. NTR always played Krishna in Telugu mythologicals. Rajni will never play a bad guy. Khushboo, who had a temple built to her, was chased with a broom when she innocently said that a woman didn't need to be a virgin when she married. These stars are a reminder of a movie-goer's moorings.

Can Amitabh Bachchan ever achieve this? Not unless he returns as the angry young man. And learns to speak Tulu.

Info: Yahoo India news

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jerry Yang- The new Yahoo CEO

Bill Gates, David Packard, William Hewit Steve Jobs and its the turn for Jerry Yang. Didnt get the point. Yes, Jerry Yang is going to be the CEO of Yahoo, who is replacing Terry Semel, as the company girds up to fight back the Google juggernaut. Yes the above list are college drops and strike it big in the sillicon valley. Let see his return may be a sign of bigger changes ahead. He is one of the co-founder of Yahoo.

There is also a talk of possible alliances with rivals or even mergers with the likes of Time Warner, Microsoft and News Corp, could be rumours. Whatever may be the outcome, it surely will be challenging times ahead for Yahoo as it searches for the perfect biz plan to re-establish its links with profitability.

The poor show reflects in Yahoo's stock price which dropped 38 per cent in 2006, which is much worse than Google. It will be interesting to see if Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang refreshes his company's fortunes. All the best Mr.Yang!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How to install Vista

A funny video shows how to install vista

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

India defends trafficking record

The Indian government has rejected its inclusion on a list of countries compiled by the US which have not fully stopped human trafficking. India was designated as a "Tier 2" country: it did not fully comply with minimum standards but was making significant efforts to do so.
The government says a lot is being done to tackle the problem, although more needs to be done.
It says efforts are underway to rescue and rehabilitate trafficking victims.
Sanctions possibility "The world's largest democracy has the world's largest problem of human trafficking," said the US state department's specialist on trafficking issue, Mark Lagon.
The department has warned India would be downgraded to a "Tier 3" category unless it improved its track record. That would mean that the US would withhold non-humanitarian, non-trade related foreign aid.

The US wants countries to address the trafficking problem Correspondents say that "Tier 3" countries are also denied access to educational and cultural exchange programmes. The state department estimates that around 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, and that 80% of them are females used in the sex trade.

The annual report places India as a "Tier two" country for the fourth year in a row.
An official in India's Women and Child Development ministry, however, defended her department's efforts in tackling the problem.

'Unfair' "We are doing our bit, but more needs to be done," said Deepa Jain Singh, secretary for the Women and Children's Development Ministry. Non governmental organisations (NGOs) working in the area have supported the government's efforts.

"We don't agree that nothing has changed. Legislation has come in place to deal with the issue. It is a clear indication that the pressure on the government is working," Rishi Kant, from the women's group, Shakti Vahini, told the BBC News website.

India has been warned it may face sanctions Other women's groups argued that it was unfair that India was being put on the US watch list over the issue, and not Bangladesh or Nepal.
Aid agencies estimate that around 5,000 to 7,000 women and girls are trafficked to India from Nepal and around 10,000 to 20,000 women and children from Bangladesh.

"Nepal, Bangladesh and India need to work together to stop such trafficking," United Nations Development Programme spokeswoman Archana Tamang told the BBC.

"Women and children are not being brought into India only, there is a lot of reverse trafficking taking place as well.

"It is really important for all the three nations to work together as a sub-regional group to remedy the situation," she said.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Tech-Mind Blowing

1. In these days, I found 2 technologies are going to rock, I sure. The first Technology is nothing but a mixture of TV look, desktop performance and with Laptop features. this mixture was initiated by sony couple of months before and it is getting hard time to commercialise. Just hang the monitor on the wall, have a seat away of 5 feets, hold a wireless keyboard and mouse, start using either as TV or Computer. I loved this model and still my purse is weight though, have to wait for .:)

//Experience high style and versatile performance in one. The VAIO® VGC-LS30E all-in-one desktop PC incorporates a powerful VAIO LS into a stunning 19" widescreen display, perfect for computing or watching TV.//

Sony LS Series have a glimpse and amaze yourself.

2. This is a new technology brought by Microsoft or tuned up guys of Bill. this is an innovative idea might work out in presentation or customer oriented or sales. The software giant has built a new touchscreen computer—a coffee table that will change the world, forget the keyboard and mouse: The next generation of computer interfaces will be hands-on.Is MS trying to get rid of computers? we can only feel this model by end of 2007 . Click here


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