Monday, March 28, 2005

Pioneer DEH 4650 MP

Pioneer, originally uploaded by ilamurugusp.

One of best models(reasonable price also)in India. it costs 6.7k in India and can able to get it for 6.3k from middle-east. Plays mp3/wma/fm. pre designed equilasers, shuffle play, repeat play are also available like in Winamp.

Always a great experience to have it. I felt the same when I fixed it to my Car(Alto) last saturday after 10 months of buying it. Planned to go for a Long trip next week to enjoy the music

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Linux lags Windows in new security

A report released today indicates Windows Server 2003 may actually be more secure than its most popular Linux competitor when it comes to vulnerabilities and the time it takes to patch them. But well before the paper's official release, members of the IT security community have questioned the comparison, with some slamming the researchers' methodology and others the Microsoft connection -- the software giant funded the research behind the favorable findings.

"The fact that Security Innovations [which produced the paper] retained 'editorial control' doesn't help; if Microsoft is paying the bills, there can be all sorts of nonverbal pressure behind the scenes. It isn't like it was 'co-funded' by both Microsoft and Red Hat," said Michael D. "Mick" Bauer, senior editor of Linux Journal and director of value-subtracted services for

Money does Matters?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yahoo Blogs!

Competing with Yahoo is not so easy, even Google came with 1 gb storage in Gmail, yahoo enhanced the storage space and retained their users 90%. Yahoo messenger, geocities, yahoo photos are the big base for Yahoo. Yahoo acquired Geocities for personal web pages for their users, now Yahoo have acquired the Flickr photo sharing service website and its parent company, Ludicorp Research & Development. Though Bloggers using Flickr for their photo blogs, yahoo keeps it in their mind and have acquired it.

Yahoo! are expected to use the technology in their upcoming blog service to enable users to share photography and build communities. So guys get ready for name registration.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

" Gods come down to earth"

Adding to Cogito, The title very well suits to TamilNadu. An interesting Slogan from a TV about a VJ
"Wildest VJ ever hit on TV"
Only Flesh, No Talk- Coming Soon

Monday, March 14, 2005


It is the time that Indian companies acquiring companies in USA, Aus..

Bangalore-based software and BPO services firm MphasiS is acquiring US-based IT healthcare company Eldorado Computing for $16.5mn, in an all-cash deal. Eldorado offers IT solutions to the healthcare and insurance sector.

It means Indian IT's are investing a lot to get rid in the race. MMhh, earning in $'s to pay in Rs thro $'s. Great Idea!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Corruption No.4

India is among the fourth most corrupt countries in Asia but graft in China poses the biggest global threat because of the country's growing economic influence, a consulting firm said on Tuesday in a study.

Other countries which came in at the bottom of the annual graft rankings by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd included Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Singapore was the least corrupt, followed by Japan and Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, the firm said.

The report said Indonesia was Asia's most corrupt nation, ranking 9.25 on a scale from zero to 10. "The issue of corruption could make or break Indonesia," the report said

The firm said that the Philippines which ranked No. 2 on the graft list with a score of 8.9 needed to beef up its anti-corruption forces. There's a backlog of 2,000 cases in the country's anti-graft court, the report said.

Vietnam was No. 3 on the list because corruption is rampant in powerful state-controlled companies and government ministries, the report said.

India was fourth on the list, partly because the country's "suffocating bureaucracy" created plenty of opportunities for payoffs to cut through red tape, the report claimed.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Green City???
This name might be true before 4 years, not now. Due to fast growth in IT market, bangalore has polluted with CO2. Trees are loosing their life, remaining trees are all wearing Dust dress. God, B.lore is being polluted by 2 & 4 wheelers. Roads are all changing their roles to one-way, no entry. I don’t know how city traffic police is controlling this heavy traffic.

Traffic is the biggest head-ache for people nowadays. Even Govt is thinking to change the School timings from 11 am to 7 pm. Culture? Hheheh night shift culture obviously, pubs are all floating in week ends with girls and boys. Money flow is really grown like anything in these 2 years. Anyway IT people are all loading their pockets easily. Consultants are God to Employees and Employers.


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