Tuesday, March 15, 2005

" Gods come down to earth"

Adding to Cogito, The title very well suits to TamilNadu. An interesting Slogan from a TV about a VJ
"Wildest VJ ever hit on TV"
Only Flesh, No Talk- Coming Soon


nilk_solyluna@yahoo.com said...

ummmmmmm....GOD COME DOWN THE EARTH? What is that? I hear God is somewhere, Where ? I dont know, maybe Hi is here between us, the only thing I know for sure is God is able to see and hear, what we are doing....so, do good things with your life. I had hear God will came on earth when the millenium came, but it is already pass and I didt see nothing new! do you?

Nayag said...

How a slogan on V channel is related to your topic.?


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