Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Green City???
This name might be true before 4 years, not now. Due to fast growth in IT market, bangalore has polluted with CO2. Trees are loosing their life, remaining trees are all wearing Dust dress. God, B.lore is being polluted by 2 & 4 wheelers. Roads are all changing their roles to one-way, no entry. I don’t know how city traffic police is controlling this heavy traffic.

Traffic is the biggest head-ache for people nowadays. Even Govt is thinking to change the School timings from 11 am to 7 pm. Culture? Hheheh night shift culture obviously, pubs are all floating in week ends with girls and boys. Money flow is really grown like anything in these 2 years. Anyway IT people are all loading their pockets easily. Consultants are God to Employees and Employers.


nilk_solyluna@yahoo.com said...

thye same here in my country even when we are only 3 millions habitants, here are more cars than people alive, sometimes family have more cars than kids at home for example my Aunt have a family of four and they have 3 cars, do you have an idea how bad is the traffic here! with that millions cars in the street! it is a mess.

Cogito said...

Nothing comes free in life. The price you have to pay for Globalisation,Luxury. We want's AC's & fast cars but no pollution. is it possible? The less said about culture the better.


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