Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Type Tamil in iOS7

How to Type Tamil in iOS7. 

Apple has added Tamil Keyboard layout in iOS7. Interesting isn't? Yes, It is. No more 3rd Party App, Thanks to Sellinam who helped us typing Tamil for the iProducts for more than 3 years. Thanks to Muthu Nedumaran

How to set the Keyboard for Tamil in iOS 7

iPhone-->Settings-->General-->Keyboard-->Keyboards-->Add New Board-->Search for Tamil (Languages List in Alphabetical Order). and Select it.

That's it.

That's it? No there are couple more choices for us.

Tamil 99  keyboard has been selected as the default Layout, while adding the Tamil Keyboard.

How to Choose the Layout:

Phone-->Settings-->General-->Keyboard-->Keyboards-->Tamil. You got 2 options, Users are allowed to Use both the keyboards or better to use one which is convenient for you

When you select Tamil99:

You will go back to school for a while,  because in this method க can be derived from க்+அ

When you select Anjal Method:

For those eKalappai, Sellinam, NHM, Anjal users, Yes, You got a choice too. When you choose Only Anjal Option, you can type as ammaa=அம்மா, easy right?

Hold on How to choose the Keyboard to Type: For example I am using Notes- Default App comes with iPhone. Look at the image below and select the World(?!) button to choose which keyboard layout you need. Emoji users knows this option better

Enjoy Tamil Typing. வாழ்க தமிழ்!


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