Monday, May 24, 2004

Top Ten Sexy Star Mommas

Top Ten for this month
• Sarah Jessica Parker
• Kelly Ripa
• Elizabeth Hurley
• Brandy
• Uma Thurman
• Catherine Zeta-Jones
• Julianne Moore
• Cindy Crawford
• Jane Leeves
• Patricia Heaton

It's been 6 years since "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker married film and Broadway actor Matthew Broderick. But along the way, a funny thing happened to the couple's plans for starting a family-namely, their careers. Since the duo tied the knot on May 19, 1997, they've been plenty busy, and Parker's role on the spicy HBO comedy "Sex and the City" didn't leave much room for having a baby. Happily, the show's producers wrote her 2002 pregnancy into the show, and now Broderick and Parker are known by two new names: "Mommy" and "Daddy." "We have always wanted to have children," says Parker, who gave birth to James Wilke Broderick last October. "But the fact is, for it to happen, one does have to be in the same place at the same time as one's partner for those 2 given days of any month!"

Fast Facts About Sarah Jessica Parker
• Played Annie in the original Broadway production of "Annie."
• Dated John Kennedy Jr.
• Lived with Robert Downey Jr. for 7 years.
• Her brother, Aaron Parker, is an assistant producer for "Sex and the City."
• Made her first TV special, "Rich Kids," at age 8.

• SEX AND THE CITY (TV), 1998-present

Dont mind if you dont like :)

Thursday, May 20, 2004

IT pros are making a beeline back to India

In nineties, people started moving to US for work and that was the trend on that time, also US brides was having more offer. Now the history is updown, not only Indians are coming back, few US people are also started moving to India for job.

Already I know OJ Audit who is working for Sutherland Technologies. Take for instance, John Winchester who has recently shifted from the US to India as vice-president, engineering of the Indore-based Impetus Technologies. Mr Winchester told that, “Even as my company got taken over I was ready for a change. I approached Impetus who was my client earlier as I was impressed by all the energy in the company on my visits to India. And when the India opportunity presented itself, I saw it as a great career challenge too. The company is witnessing an extremely rapid growth and my responsibility would obviously go beyond the normal VP-Engineering type of activities. It would involve scaling the company’s growth too.”.

He says several of his techie friends in the US would be equally interested in coming here. “May be not very senior level ones, but mid-career IT professionals are looking out,” he adds.

Adobe India’s chief Naresh Gupta agrees. “We do get a lot of resumes from other nationals seeking to be part of the excitement. So far we have hired Indians in large numbers — most of them are senior professionals who have put in between 10-20 years who sense “an opportunity to grow” back home.

Keep Going MM Singh .....

Crucial Search

Crucial Search

I am searching house for past 2 weeks, I have checked with local magazines, advertisements, brokers, friends referal, oops I am not able to find one. I have used all the other resources, except google. I about to confirm a place yesterday, One of my friend adviced not to go for that because the space is not enough for car parking Thanks to Dinesh(Partner).Still browsing people to get it. I have only 3 days more to get a house. Praying to god to get it soon.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Today I planned to write on a topic which the same has done By Arun. Adding to Arun Hats off to Sonia for making this decision. Now the opposite party will not have any point to raise. They totally wasted their voice for this. NDA, be a honest Opposition party now. Thats what every Indians are looking forward from You.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Italy born Sonia Gandhi(Antonio Maino) was selected as a Prime Minister for India by all supported political parties. Now Sonia refused to sworn, also there is no specific reason meant to people or public now. Already share prices are gone for hell. Thousands of investors are watching with tears in eyes who will sworn. God! BJP would have won for this time, atleast shares market have its own life.:( Congress, make a decision soon, lakhs of people are waiting for you decision. It is not a game to play with Indian poor people.

Sunday, May 16, 2004


A Drizzling Sunday, 3 bikes, no thoughts and worries, discussing lot of things, commenting on others, no Limits. This was our life yesterday, well we tried to make it as 1993-96 life(our college days).

I have been to Coimbatore to my meet my college friends yesterday. Again I have succeeded in organising a get-together after 8 years, for the same people. Just went their to invite for my marraige. It’s a pleasant day for us after 8 years. Though we got more responsibilities still we enjoyed those hours. Our college days really enjoyable; unthreatening days, dare to face anything. Thank you people for made me such a wonderful day for me.

Friday, May 14, 2004


"The worst time in my life was this 13 months, got torchured by JJ & Co, this support killed my most of night sleep" Atalji told on 1998 when he lost his PM post (pulled by a tea party which organized by Subramania Samy).

I know you are a good poet and orator(My english trainer always says to reduce my fast in english speaking, I always think about you). Now I am bale to understand you are able to predict also. Why you need the same torture again? But people dont want to be in such a difficult time. Be stick with your word AtalJi.

Atalji, You are correct. If you are in a torture that is because of JJ Only
Your potential, Our passion

Could a slogan possibly be any clunkier? How about, 'Microsoft: Your potential is that which we seek to optimize, software-wise.' Or maybe, 'Microsoft: We create software because you have potential which subsequently inspires us to help you achieve it, 'it' referring to your potential.' " -- columnist Jim Kershner of The Spokesman-Review, on Microsoft's "Your potential inspires us to create software that helps you reach it" slogan, the prelude to the "Your potential, our passion" tag line.

But still I am not able to understand that why they have replaced the slogan which MS has in earlier days, No one can forgot that slogan.

"Where do you want to go today"

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Continuing my yesterdays blog, I found there is another article which published in US was written by a Salman Rushdie Check it out

India Shining

A good quote that used by NDA for election campaigning. Yes India is shining not NDA. I dont say this is same like "Thodarattum Intha Porkalam" by DMK on 2001, however I thought both has same type of content and result both were flop. Beware Political Parties!!!

Pramoth Mahajan, The great man who worked as a election conviener for NDA and won in 4 state govt. elections. Where he missed in Loksabha elections

1. TamilNadu- Anti Amma waves shreds.
2. Gujarat- Anti Modi
3. AP- Drought and electricity porblem
4. Over confident about the 4 state assemblies, so it can continue in Loksabha also

I think the Indira's family always start their political with as issue.

When Rajiv about to sworn as PM, issue raised that he is too young and not able to handle things. Sonia started with Nativity issue as primarly holded by NDA, which was failed now. The same way Rahul also.

Now, who is the mext Prime MInister for Shining India. Sonia or Pawar or Pranab or who else...

Why not Pranab Mukerjee, Manmohan Singh, Gulam Nabhi who dedicatedly worked till Rajiv period. But I also welcome Rahul, let he continue his dad's job also Rahul is an extremely serious-minded young man who understands India's need and continue the successful finance reform as done in 1991-1995 period. Let we have a Harvard educated Economics student who has worked as a financial consultant in London for a while also, proud of it. People say his cool and calm demeanour and his resemblance to Rajiv will earn him brownie points and Congressman Salman Khurshid has dismissed talk of him being a political greenhorn by saying each person has his first time and then moves on to becoming a huge success.

Not more days to go. Wait for a head to lead India. I welcome that person to make it more shining.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Outsourcing an Indian company Job

Lot of issue, paper works, blaming, rules, laws are happened for outsourcing jobs to India. But no one refused or opposed when the talk started for a call center jobs to Wipro Spectramind. Because the call center jobs are from India only. First time in Indian history a company is outsourcing their call center job to another. Bharati Telecom, the pioneer in Telecom biz was started talks to wipro regarding the same. Thank god it is not outsourced to USA.

Friday, May 07, 2004

`Joker' is happy that `joker' is not out
PATNA: He is a Bihari by birth, a resident of Lohanipur in Patna. And an actor by profession. He is more famous as a comedian, though. Of the standard variety. Indeed, Shekhar Suman makes millions laugh --here and abroad --when he anchors his Movers & Shakers on the television.
But when this reel-life comedian himself wants to laugh, he turns to Bihar supremo Laloo Prasad Yadav in whom he sees a "court-jester" of the "very intelligent" variety.
So what happens when a comedian comments on a `jester'? You get some food for thought, not laughter. If you are sad that Laloo is not entirely down and out, so is the Lohanipur lad though a happening Laloo means more `Laloo jokes' for him.
"Minus Laloo, Bihar will certainly be a better place to live in," the small screen superstar, in Patna to regale his babuji, Dr Phani Bhushan Prasad's colleagues on the occasion of the platinum jubilee of Patna Medical College Hospital on Friday, tells The Times of India in an exclusive interview. Excerpts:
What do you think of politics in Bihar?
Thanks to its politics, Bihar has maintained its consistency about degeneration --degeneration on all fronts. Politics has boiled down to power syndrome, chairs and, of course, scams... Fodder scam was the pioneering, the path-breaking (laughs) scam.
Who do you blame?
I don't think any single individual is to blame. But people ask me, `hey, how is it possible that anyone just gets up and becomes your CM?' There must be some basic qualification to become a CM; certain amount of credibility to be at the helm of affairs. What has happened to Bihar is very unfortunate, really.
Have you ever met Laloo?
No. But I know he is a populist politician. He is like a court-jester, a very cunning and shrewd politician. He is perhaps as intelligent as a Harvard product; it is only before the public that he comes looking like a fool --in dhoti or pyjama with his hair cascading down his forehead.
Do you think his exit will make Bihar a better place to live in?
Yes, I foresee a change in Bihar minus Laloo.
But do you know that Laloo's alternative also includes three dozen criminals whom the NDA fielded in these elections?
(Pause) I don't know. But I trust Atalji. Under his leadership, Bihar will surely be a brighter, better Bihar.
Will you join politics to rescue Bihar?
Never. With too much of muck around ... No, no. I am scared to lose my righteousness.
So, even though you love Bihar, feel proud to be a Bihari, Bihar and Biharis will never get your help in coming out of this muck?
A home is a home is a home. I may. But only when I am convinced that politics can accommodate right- minded, well-meaning people.
Till then...?
I can only pray for my state and my people.
Talking about your shows, do you think you are the Eddie Murphy of India who laughs on his own people to make others laugh?
That's what I call `negative advertisement'. It makes people look for the positive side of the state.
Why didn't you ever invite Laloo to your show?
We tried but the dates could not match. But we will love to see him with us...
If Laloo is out, what will happen to your `Laloo jokes'?
(Guffaws) God is great. He will send more funny politicians to laugh at. But let me enjoy him as long as he is there

Thursday, May 06, 2004


Known as Electronic city and Garden City, pleasant weather through out the year, have a look at some of its nicknames says why: "India's Silicon Valley", "Fashion Capital of India", "The Pub City of India", and on. Home to well over 6 million people, and a base for 10,000 industries, Bangalore is India's fifth largest city and the fastest growing city in Asia, state capital of Karnataka

The capital of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is situated halfway betwen the coasts in southern India. The city was founded in the 16th century, and witnessed great southern dynasties like the Kadambas, the Hoysalas and Vijayanagar emperors. Legend has it that the name Bangalore comes from "boiled beans" (Benda Kaluru), which were served by a humble old lady to a hungry ruler in the 10th century.

Yet to explore more about the city .... Waiting for my vehicle to roam here :D

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Main Hoon na

A Microsoft movie(copied from different sources and name it) also a pakka masala Movie. One of the fight was really so called inspired from the concept of VISA Card's Adverstisement - Pierce Brosnan, techincal effects from MAtrix and heroism from Rajni Kanth. My expectation was high about this film as it was highly expected movie after Chalte and Chalte & Kal ho na ho . Reductio in clothes shows that sushmita want to be in market. The songs when SRK sings before Sush was funny and that is best part in the movie. The only part which I liked in the movie is SRK' & Susmita's chemistry, romance and the duet.

It seems SRK dont want to take risk in his own banner. Anyway it is much more better than Masti. Better luck next time SRK

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Rainy Bangalore

Its my 5th day in bangalore (green city). Wondered that the weather is too chilled cool and raining in this peak summer. I have taken hot water bath today, which was not happened in my life period. My new company is constructed in 36.3 acres, greeny look, surrounded by lot of trees. It is great to see this environment in drizzling, walking in the land. Wow, Really I am missing my noida friends here.

Chatting through messengers are totally blocked in my new company. It is sure that this policy will impact in my productivity (??!!). This is the first time I am not chatting from office, not able to hack these firewalls which was implemented here. Let wait and see for sometime to get the facility.


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