Thursday, May 20, 2004

IT pros are making a beeline back to India

In nineties, people started moving to US for work and that was the trend on that time, also US brides was having more offer. Now the history is updown, not only Indians are coming back, few US people are also started moving to India for job.

Already I know OJ Audit who is working for Sutherland Technologies. Take for instance, John Winchester who has recently shifted from the US to India as vice-president, engineering of the Indore-based Impetus Technologies. Mr Winchester told that, “Even as my company got taken over I was ready for a change. I approached Impetus who was my client earlier as I was impressed by all the energy in the company on my visits to India. And when the India opportunity presented itself, I saw it as a great career challenge too. The company is witnessing an extremely rapid growth and my responsibility would obviously go beyond the normal VP-Engineering type of activities. It would involve scaling the company’s growth too.”.

He says several of his techie friends in the US would be equally interested in coming here. “May be not very senior level ones, but mid-career IT professionals are looking out,” he adds.

Adobe India’s chief Naresh Gupta agrees. “We do get a lot of resumes from other nationals seeking to be part of the excitement. So far we have hired Indians in large numbers — most of them are senior professionals who have put in between 10-20 years who sense “an opportunity to grow” back home.

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