Thursday, May 13, 2004

India Shining

A good quote that used by NDA for election campaigning. Yes India is shining not NDA. I dont say this is same like "Thodarattum Intha Porkalam" by DMK on 2001, however I thought both has same type of content and result both were flop. Beware Political Parties!!!

Pramoth Mahajan, The great man who worked as a election conviener for NDA and won in 4 state govt. elections. Where he missed in Loksabha elections

1. TamilNadu- Anti Amma waves shreds.
2. Gujarat- Anti Modi
3. AP- Drought and electricity porblem
4. Over confident about the 4 state assemblies, so it can continue in Loksabha also

I think the Indira's family always start their political with as issue.

When Rajiv about to sworn as PM, issue raised that he is too young and not able to handle things. Sonia started with Nativity issue as primarly holded by NDA, which was failed now. The same way Rahul also.

Now, who is the mext Prime MInister for Shining India. Sonia or Pawar or Pranab or who else...

Why not Pranab Mukerjee, Manmohan Singh, Gulam Nabhi who dedicatedly worked till Rajiv period. But I also welcome Rahul, let he continue his dad's job also Rahul is an extremely serious-minded young man who understands India's need and continue the successful finance reform as done in 1991-1995 period. Let we have a Harvard educated Economics student who has worked as a financial consultant in London for a while also, proud of it. People say his cool and calm demeanour and his resemblance to Rajiv will earn him brownie points and Congressman Salman Khurshid has dismissed talk of him being a political greenhorn by saying each person has his first time and then moves on to becoming a huge success.

Not more days to go. Wait for a head to lead India. I welcome that person to make it more shining.

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