Monday, May 19, 2008

Bushkill falls

Yet another, unplanned trip, however ended with an awesome experience. We were uncertain about for a dayout on this Sunday (May-18-2008) untill we started.

Reasons are
1. My self and bro attended a party on Saturday and got latenight when reached my friends place and started playing carom with my fellow blogger. When we completed one board my opponent got a call from another blogger and they started discussing/quarrelling about a blog post. I waited for him for a while, since he didn’t come back, I gone for bed where Samuel Adams begging me for a good sleep.
2. Weather report predicts a rainy day in Delaware Water Gap.
3. Haven't browsed about the place and not planned till the end.
4. What else, Its Lazy Sunday.

Sunday, I woke up by 9:15 am and actual plan was to start by 8:00 AM. I thought of continuing my sweet sunday resting however I haven’t given any chance. Had our coffess and started by 10:30am to Delaware Water Gap. While keyin the destination in GPS we all 3 looking at others face as no body knows the destination. Wondering about our smartness, co blogger have been to his house back with the address. It’s a quite decent drive, had breakfast at DDonuts and lunch at Subway. As per GPS plan we should have reached in 1:40 mins, but we took 3 hrs, becoz of long breaks and drizzles.

On the way we found Welcome Center(information center) and being advised that the day is not good for visiting. Great, we started heading to the last attraction marked by the Gentleman in the welcome center which is BUSHKILL Falls.

About Bushkill falls:Falls located in Northeast Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. Beginning at the headwaters of Bushkill Creek, the water descends the mountain, toward the Delaware River, forming Bushkill Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Bridesmaid Falls, Laurel Glen Falls, Pennell Falls, and three additional, unnamed falls.

  • Bushkill Falls was opened to the public in 1904 by Charles E. Peters.
  • Falls is a series of eight waterfalls, the tallest of which cascades over 100 feet. Bushkill Falls is often called the "Niagara of Pennsylvania. I feel it is too much. No where it can be compared to Niagara.
  • Bushkill Falls is owned and operated by the Peters family.
  • Contact Bushkills Falls: 570.588.6682

We reached the place, Less people around, lush green surroundings, strong meadows, fresh (unpolluted) air, pin drop silence, smell of a thick forest made me crazy and sure you will refresh yourself before reaching the falls. Entrance fees per Adult is $9 and for kids $4.

The steps were built by wood and guide you through the falls from top to bottom, a great plan. Looks like human untouched place. The falls aren't huge, but very nice to look at with the nature surround water falls noise. Then the photography session started. Enjoyed climbing the steps with chilled rain drizzle and sprinkled water from falls. Better not to go with kids, since the steps are too deep. Excellent network of hiking trails and bridges affording fabulous views of the falls all made by wood. We took more than an hour to look at, grounds are very scenic and every photographer would like this place to digitalize. Outfitters store and a restaurant also around in the entrance.

Then we saw Arrow Island, Delaware water gap overlook and Mt.
Tammany which were okay kind of places. We didn’t have enough time to move around to other places and weather also not allowed to hang around. Had a deep breathe of Pocono's fresh air in a place where we can have a scenery view and drove back to NJ. It was a nice trip, driver was good as usual and my photographer bro(clicked 800+). Thanks for both guys who made the wonderful and unforgettable trip.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

US slowdown will keep India as hot IT offshore

The US economic slowdown will lead buyers of IT services to consider increasing the percentage of their labour in offshore, lower-cost locations. India will remain the dominant location for IT offshore services for North American and European buyers as a result of its scale, quality of resources and strong presence of local and traditional service providers, according to Gartner.

With concerns that the US economic slowdown could extend to other geographies, organisations are refocusing on IT cost reduction and taking steps to accelerate the use of offshore labour, Gartner said. Buyers of IT services will shift from cost-containment goals to a greater focus on cost reduction and productivity increases in their sourcing decisions.

This will lead to a steady increase in the adoption and expansion of offshore services - primarily from India, but increasingly from other countries as well.

“Factors that will give India the edge over other offshore locations are scale and quality of labour. North American and European buyers of IT services have been the force behind a growing offshore services market and India is central to almost any discussion of offshore services delivery for these buyers,” said Gartner research director TJ Singh.

Gartner sees two possible scenarios that will have an impact on offshore services adoption in the coming months: temporary economic downturn (best case scenario) or a more sustained recession (worst case scenario). According to Gartner vice-president Allie Young, “In the best case scenario, buyers will aggressively seek cost-saving measures by accelerating offshore delivery or, for first time users, moving IT services to offshore locations.”

In the worst case scenario, if a more sustained economic slowdown leads to a prolonged recession in the US, Gartner expects a more-aggressive movement to cut IT budgets


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