Thursday, July 28, 2005

Anniyan Vs Ganguly

Just for FUN,
For: Who knows about Anniyan, else continue with your valuable work
Ambi: Mr ganguly y r u shouting at the umpire, after you have been declared out ??? athu sattapadi thapu Sir.
Ganguly: Dey kudumi, naa yaar theriyuma Bengal tiger appidithan kathuvein.
Ambi: Kenya,bangaldesh kooda century adikirelae australia, Pakistan na 1 bathroom poralae yein sir?
Ganguly: naan dhaadhaa da, thevayana apo matum than aaduvein.
Ambi: Mr ganguly captains like ponting, inzy, smith ellarum century adichu team jeyika vaikara, aana neengo aadave matiringale?
Ganguly:dey kudumi,athan sachin, dravid, sehwag ellam century adikiraanungala apuram naan yethuku adikanum
Ambi: Alatchiyama pesathingo Mr ganguly, aduthava talentla fame gain pandrathu thapu!!
Ganguly:Poda kudumi, yenake advice pandriya @#%@^#$%^@$%^$%^$%^

Anniyan:DEY BAADU..........
Ganguly: yaaruga neenga gillespi maathiri hair style vachurikeenga???
Anniyan : naan avan ila da yema , yenda run adika ve maatingara,
Ganguly: Batting form appo appo vanthutu pogum, cricketla ithellam sagajam thanga.....
Anniyan : ippidi soli thapichidalaamnu paakiriya.....
Anniyan: oru matchla 5 run mattum edutha thapa?????????
Ganguly:onum thapu ilinga......
Anniyan: 5 matchla 5 run edutha thapa?????????
Ganguly:thapu maathiri thanga theriyuthu..........
Anniyan: 5 varushama 5,5 matcha 5 run edutha thapa?????????
Ganguly: periya thapu thaanga...........
Anniyan: kamunati athathanda oruoru matchalayum nee panikitu iruka
Anniyan: unakellam karuda puranampadi ballbojanam thanda, @#(&@(^#@%#$^@)^@^$#)@^$#.

Thanks to Hari for Sharing this.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beware: Pirated Windows

India is the 2nd largest in Pirating softwares and movies in the world. 90% of home users (assembled) are having pirated softwares, not only OS all of the remianing packages available. Now, Microsoft want to apply a brake for this. For updates previously what we will do, just click on windows update and get download all the patches, Service Packs to our systems. It cannot be done from next monday.

How? What was previously a voluntary program to ensure the legitimacy of Windows installs is now mandatory. Microsoft has flipped the switch on Windows Genuine Advantage 1.0, requiring that users of Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center validate their operating systems.
Security updates will remain widely available, however, muffling criticism that a crackdown will lead to untold numbers of hacked and zombified systems.

The program works by downloading an ActiveX control for validation. Once deemed genuine, a download key is produced for future downloads. One benefit is that Windows users will no longer have to enter their 25-digit product keys for validation.

Microsoft's aim is to put a dent into the software counterfeit market, which according to the Business Software Alliance is costing vendors billions of dollars a year.

The program also rewards unwitting users of pirated Windows by offering free legit copies if they take the time to fill out a report, mail their counterfeit install CDs and provide a receipt. Those that only fill out a piracy report can score real versions of XP Home and Pro at discounted prices ($99 Home, $149 Pro).

So Bloggers make sure that you are working with Original OS.....

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Job Search

Job Search

Not for me

One of my cousin who is in my house started searching job in Indian Silicon Valley. First of all he just cleared his final semester (BE-IT) and came to the market to sell himself for a better price. He usually tells about the day-day activities to me. First he tried for some call center jobs. I was in thought that Call centers are welcoming the freshers with red carpet, which is absolutely wrong. Call center are looking for science & arts graduates not engineering freshers. Reason: Engineering freshers will jump to Software companies if they get a chance.

Next Software companies, Last week I heard that 27000 people written the exam for TCS(most of them are freshers). So assume the competition among freshers. The guys who got selected campus are very lucky. Are the campus recuited are all from IT? Certainly not. They are from Elec, Elec Comm, IT, Comp Sci., Civil, Mech, Mettalrgy majors. What a guy will do if done his graduation in Civil and writing code in C++. The efforts which he put for his civil are all goes Vain. However we cannot underestimate students now. They are very sharp now, grasping the market level in final year and tuning themselves to sell to the market. Back to the point, my cousin's worry is that he cannot compete with the other major students who is having strong funda in Computers with some certifications.

So the ultimate point is that, graduation never matters to enter or stick to IT field. Get some certifications, good in communication gets the jobs for freshers ASAP.

Dont wait for the job to hit you, hit the jobs with your skills.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Nowadays, advertising is intersting than the programmes which are all broadcasted in TV. Some advertisements are really good, some realy sucks..

The Liril Advertisement is the one which affected me directly. When I was staying in a PG those guys started calling me how Advt does, pity thing is that Advt shows how a man seducting a woman @ last vice versa also. Advt goes like this La ILA ILA ILa ....

Kwalitywalls advertisement. it crossed all the limits, it is almost like a blue film if you think @ that way, tooooooooooo much.

HDFC- Really touching the heart. Train arrives to the station and dad will try to get down from it. Son gives his hand for support. Dad (60yrs) avoids his support and he will get down. Now Dad gives the hand to his wife she also avoids that. Finally the grandson will fell and trying to standup everybody waits there to get up himself. Great idea.

Horlicks- Once upon a time Advertisements were copied from Film songs. nowadays it become vice versa. In such movies like Jithan songs are copied from Advt.

Anyway the worth of effort for Advt. are improved very much. Rajiv Menon, called as the Guru for Advt.. Also AR Rahman from Jingles only. Hatsoff to those people who improved this Industry like any thing.

Friday, July 15, 2005


My Fav. cartoon characters are Tom & Jerry and Fido Dido. First time when I have seen the advt of 7up Lehar, i got inspired Fido. Then I used to draw Fidos like cooking, driving (ithu thana time to disclose I do sketch). I got some few interesting new about Fido, I like to share with you all

Fido Dido is a cartoon character licensed to Pepsico for their 7UP brand (in the United States, 7up's country of origin, it is not a Pepsico brand, however it is, in foreign markets). The character was created by Joanna Ferrone in 1985 on a Napkin in a restaurant. He was licensed to Pepsico in the 1980s but the character was never used until the early 1990s on numerous products, particularly stationery. He was first licensed by Pepsico in the early 1980s and, after a short break, reappeared in the 2000s.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Myself, Cogito and 2 of our friends gone for Religiuos trip this sunday, anyway Cogito will be updating the trip details have a glimps of few pictures

Lord Gomateeshwara:

In Kannada shravana indicates the Jain Tirthankars and belgola means a white lake. Shravanabelgola, a Jain shrine that is a must if you are on a temple safari, is 84 km from Halebid via Hassan, 52 km from Hassan, 86 from Belur, 115 Mysore and Bangalore 155 km. This town at an altitude of 3056 ft is about l'/2 hr journey by bus from Hassan. Famed as a Jain shrine in the past, it still has people remembering its ancient heritage. In 3 BC the Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya came from his realm to Shravanabelgola accompanied by his. Guru Bhadrabahuswami and was converted to Jainism.. In the course of time, under the patronage of the Ganga kings, Jainism spread between 4 to 10th centuries. Accord­ing to legend, the first Tirthankar or Guru of the Jains, Rishava Nath, abdicated the throne and entered a forest to do penance. His two sons, Vahuvali and Bharat clashed over power. Though Vahuvali won, he left the throne to his vanquished brother and went on banprastha or renounced the world for 1000 years. The 17.5 m high unadorned statue of Vahuvali seems to preach the tenets of renunciation and self-control. This mono­lithic stone statue built in 983 at the initiative of Chamundraya, a minister of the Ganga kings and executed by Aristonemi the sculp­tor, is the highest in the world. However, the figure of Baon Gajaji curved amidst the mountains in the Narmada valley of Madhya Pradesh, though not monolithic, is 87 ft high

Mylapore Theppa Kulam?

No, it is not. It is a tank which is in SharavaBelagola, photo was taken from the top of the hill.


Looking for a Bright Future?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terror will not win

My Dream is to settle down in London,UK as the people and the culture inspired me to stay there for a long time.

A series of explosions has ripped across central London, killing at least 37 people and injuring many hundreds more. Again a Marid, 9/11, why????? G8 or collapse UK's Pound value, revenge as they joint with USA for War? No answers.

G8, save yourself and then try to helpout other countires.
India is shouting against Terrorism asking for help from UN to overcome Kashmir issue, I believe they will feel the pain of India atleast now and help us to kill the terror creatures in India.

Bombers! down down. Dont spoil lives and hopes.


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