Thursday, July 21, 2005

Job Search

Job Search

Not for me

One of my cousin who is in my house started searching job in Indian Silicon Valley. First of all he just cleared his final semester (BE-IT) and came to the market to sell himself for a better price. He usually tells about the day-day activities to me. First he tried for some call center jobs. I was in thought that Call centers are welcoming the freshers with red carpet, which is absolutely wrong. Call center are looking for science & arts graduates not engineering freshers. Reason: Engineering freshers will jump to Software companies if they get a chance.

Next Software companies, Last week I heard that 27000 people written the exam for TCS(most of them are freshers). So assume the competition among freshers. The guys who got selected campus are very lucky. Are the campus recuited are all from IT? Certainly not. They are from Elec, Elec Comm, IT, Comp Sci., Civil, Mech, Mettalrgy majors. What a guy will do if done his graduation in Civil and writing code in C++. The efforts which he put for his civil are all goes Vain. However we cannot underestimate students now. They are very sharp now, grasping the market level in final year and tuning themselves to sell to the market. Back to the point, my cousin's worry is that he cannot compete with the other major students who is having strong funda in Computers with some certifications.

So the ultimate point is that, graduation never matters to enter or stick to IT field. Get some certifications, good in communication gets the jobs for freshers ASAP.

Dont wait for the job to hit you, hit the jobs with your skills.


Sol Y Nila said...

Im proud of you my dear Friend, you and your cousin will succeed, do your best and your effort will be compensate...Good Luck.

Adaengappa !! said...

Ipadi ellorum IT field poita,matha field-ku aal vendama ??

Anyways..Goodluck to ur cousin !!

Chinmayi said...

HI This is Chinmayi. Very happy to see I am blogrolled by you.. Only a very small req.. can u change my spelling?? thanks :D

Cogito said...

Good luck to him !

ILA(a)இளா said...

Chinmayi-Done, apologise me.
All: Thanks a lot for the wishes to my cousin.

anna said...

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