Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beware: Pirated Windows

India is the 2nd largest in Pirating softwares and movies in the world. 90% of home users (assembled) are having pirated softwares, not only OS all of the remianing packages available. Now, Microsoft want to apply a brake for this. For updates previously what we will do, just click on windows update and get download all the patches, Service Packs to our systems. It cannot be done from next monday.

How? What was previously a voluntary program to ensure the legitimacy of Windows installs is now mandatory. Microsoft has flipped the switch on Windows Genuine Advantage 1.0, requiring that users of Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center validate their operating systems.
Security updates will remain widely available, however, muffling criticism that a crackdown will lead to untold numbers of hacked and zombified systems.

The program works by downloading an ActiveX control for validation. Once deemed genuine, a download key is produced for future downloads. One benefit is that Windows users will no longer have to enter their 25-digit product keys for validation.

Microsoft's aim is to put a dent into the software counterfeit market, which according to the Business Software Alliance is costing vendors billions of dollars a year.

The program also rewards unwitting users of pirated Windows by offering free legit copies if they take the time to fill out a report, mail their counterfeit install CDs and provide a receipt. Those that only fill out a piracy report can score real versions of XP Home and Pro at discounted prices ($99 Home, $149 Pro).

So Bloggers make sure that you are working with Original OS.....


Sol Y Nila said...

Thank you for the information.

Cogito said...

Sir, neenga piracy pathi ellam pesaringa..ellam nilamai !

ILA(a)இளா said...

Naan pesinathan sir effective'a irukkum.

"Thirudana Parthu Thirundhavittal..."

Naan Thirundhitein, appa Neenga?

Anonymous said...

Well said, Ila. Thirundhitena sandhosam-Nayag.

Anonymous said...

Hai Ila,
Better to switchover to Linux, However the applications available for Linux was narrow. But well suited for my office desktop.

Anonymous said...

Can I Know where it is published ?
Can u please post the link.


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