Friday, July 15, 2005


My Fav. cartoon characters are Tom & Jerry and Fido Dido. First time when I have seen the advt of 7up Lehar, i got inspired Fido. Then I used to draw Fidos like cooking, driving (ithu thana time to disclose I do sketch). I got some few interesting new about Fido, I like to share with you all

Fido Dido is a cartoon character licensed to Pepsico for their 7UP brand (in the United States, 7up's country of origin, it is not a Pepsico brand, however it is, in foreign markets). The character was created by Joanna Ferrone in 1985 on a Napkin in a restaurant. He was licensed to Pepsico in the 1980s but the character was never used until the early 1990s on numerous products, particularly stationery. He was first licensed by Pepsico in the early 1980s and, after a short break, reappeared in the 2000s.


anne martalia said...

i like Fido dido... and i like 7up also.. here now got 7up ice ( lol, its not a promotion).
ila.. this is my blog also hope u can read it.

Anonymous said...

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