Monday, July 11, 2005


Myself, Cogito and 2 of our friends gone for Religiuos trip this sunday, anyway Cogito will be updating the trip details have a glimps of few pictures

Lord Gomateeshwara:

In Kannada shravana indicates the Jain Tirthankars and belgola means a white lake. Shravanabelgola, a Jain shrine that is a must if you are on a temple safari, is 84 km from Halebid via Hassan, 52 km from Hassan, 86 from Belur, 115 Mysore and Bangalore 155 km. This town at an altitude of 3056 ft is about l'/2 hr journey by bus from Hassan. Famed as a Jain shrine in the past, it still has people remembering its ancient heritage. In 3 BC the Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya came from his realm to Shravanabelgola accompanied by his. Guru Bhadrabahuswami and was converted to Jainism.. In the course of time, under the patronage of the Ganga kings, Jainism spread between 4 to 10th centuries. Accord­ing to legend, the first Tirthankar or Guru of the Jains, Rishava Nath, abdicated the throne and entered a forest to do penance. His two sons, Vahuvali and Bharat clashed over power. Though Vahuvali won, he left the throne to his vanquished brother and went on banprastha or renounced the world for 1000 years. The 17.5 m high unadorned statue of Vahuvali seems to preach the tenets of renunciation and self-control. This mono­lithic stone statue built in 983 at the initiative of Chamundraya, a minister of the Ganga kings and executed by Aristonemi the sculp­tor, is the highest in the world. However, the figure of Baon Gajaji curved amidst the mountains in the Narmada valley of Madhya Pradesh, though not monolithic, is 87 ft high

Mylapore Theppa Kulam?

No, it is not. It is a tank which is in SharavaBelagola, photo was taken from the top of the hill.


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Aravinth said...

I think u had a gala time, good to see u people travelling again...

Anonymous said...

Good photos, machi-Nayag.

Cogito said...

Good photos. It was an awesome trip !

anne martalia said...

i think u look better now ila.... really. hey im using my new blog, but i never update everyday... if just have time. got alot of work now.


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