Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Linux lags Windows in new security

A report released today indicates Windows Server 2003 may actually be more secure than its most popular Linux competitor when it comes to vulnerabilities and the time it takes to patch them. But well before the paper's official release, members of the IT security community have questioned the comparison, with some slamming the researchers' methodology and others the Microsoft connection -- the software giant funded the research behind the favorable findings.

"The fact that Security Innovations [which produced the paper] retained 'editorial control' doesn't help; if Microsoft is paying the bills, there can be all sorts of nonverbal pressure behind the scenes. It isn't like it was 'co-funded' by both Microsoft and Red Hat," said Michael D. "Mick" Bauer, senior editor of Linux Journal and director of value-subtracted services for

Money does Matters?

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Nilly said...

What to say.....Under the moonlight,i just kept running away....


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