Monday, May 02, 2005

Mumbai Express

Nowadays Hindi movie stories are mostly like marrying or .... others lover(s) and wife. One thing we have to appreciate Kamal that he used thatconcept in this movie however the same also there in this movie. Express starts very fast with good jokes(hats off to Pasupathi, he proved that he came from Koothu Pattarai as a comedian), Kamal is the only guy who can take risk in characteriastion. Express slows down due to screenpaly and finally it didnt reach the goal with poor script.
Better luck next time Kamal. Ithu poya Dr. Iyaa vum, Thirumavalavanum sandai pottanga, ada pongayya.

ILA's Box office gives 33/100 for this movie.
(PS: Chandra Mukhi-45/100)


Nayag said...

How long it's been since you watched a full length comedy movie in Tamil.? Definitely, it's a full length comedy movie. Minus a bad climax, digital format(full of grains when you watch it in theatre), movie is good. 33/100..? ILA's box office down...down... ;-)

ILA(a)இளா said...

I cant even laugh in the second half. first half-yes it is a real good comedy (diff. from Crazy mohan), second half- able to imagine the next scene.

Cogito said...

By Kamal's standards its a very average movie. We expect more from him.


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