Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Mahendran, a great director who made slow and soft movies in older days. My Expectation was very high when I heard that his son directed after some Masala movies from Vijay. But this movies is not like Gilli or Thirupachi. Vijay moved to next level in his acting. Yes, it is a soft. romance and a full comedy movie. I believe he made it very perfect.

In this time have consider about Bipasa Basu debute in tamil movie. Sorry guys, dont expect more about Bip, nothing special, to be honest Bipasa did n't do well. Jenilia, again a great a performace, supported Vijay in this movie, dance for Vaseegara songs is ultimate(sexy though). vadivelu, cracking few jokes, as Vijay has taken his role (comedian) his role doesnt shine. About music, ultimate is the theme music (heard more than 100 times and my car streo player will cry when I play this music again). Good with some contraversy.

Ore pugaipa, softuku ithu thevaiya illaya?

Punch: Its a draw match but Vijay scored a century.

ILA's Box office score- 41/100


Anonymous said...

41/100..? Here is something different:

ILA(a)இளா said...

aha... money back. opinion Differs( thappichiteina)


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