Monday, April 24, 2006

CSC- The Best

It was 22-April 2004, with smile on face, tears in heart I left CSC-Noida with lot of best wishes. I worked in 5 companies in my work experience and I found CSC is best in work culture and policies. I heard from lot of X-Csc'ians saying that CSC is best ever. It's been 2 years out of CSC though, my memories are still swirling around Sector-62. CSC was my dream company before joining and so now. Thanks a lot to CSC ever and ever. I dunno whether I will go back to CSC or not, however If I get a chance to work with, I am always happy to be and expecting the same at anytime.

1 comment:

Cogito said...

no doubts. I liked CSC a lot too !


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