Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vote Or Get Voted Out

What is the Government doing for us? Why are tax-paying citizens like us, getting taxed further? These thoughts might have crossed my mind many-a-times. We criticize the fall in standards of governance and public life. But we fail to realize that a few simple actions from our part can actually help turn things around.It’s now the time for educated people, like us to actively participate and elect our own representatives.

For a start, let’s begin by exercising our grey cells a little and attempt the quiz, “Get Voting” right now. It’s time to change now…for the better.

For more details on Graduates Constituency Voters Enrollment Drive, please visit www.citizensinitiative.org

1 comment:

gormandizer said...

u must be kidding....as a learned person never ever u should be a part of the Indian politics either as a candidate or as an voter. Things happen by itself in India..so leave it to the rest of the junk to take care of it and concentrate on your family affairs.


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