Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Good and Failures

Tamil cinema had lot of block buster movies, silver jubilees and lot of flops too. Flop movies always under estimate people, having with more masala, sothappal scripts, 0% story...let we have look at this movies which came in social thought, want to change the people, also flops.
1. Yuva(Aayutha Eluthu)
2. Pudhiya Mannargal
3. Pudhumai Pithan
4. Nayak

All these movies are concentrated on Politics, needs good politicians for our country. I watched Ayutha Eluthu last weekend. Mani is always favourite. He done a good job, he wants students has to be in political, will make it worth for country. I dont know why this film not able to listed in Box office hit, even it has good moral, no masala (obviuosly mani wont do that). Thiruda thirudi is a greatest hit and Ayutha eluthu is a flop. Mani would have done something to make it hit, now he failed as a commercial man, but he never fail.
People Arise Awake(atleast to watch movies)


gormandizer said...

i would ask Mani to change his mind set and go with the people to make a commercial hit, Oru aalukaaga janagala mathikka sonna enna artham??? Who asked for Moral and Message in films...

Cogito said...

I thought the story was good but the screenplay was weak.perhaps the narrative didn't go too well with the audience.


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