Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Railway Budget-2004

Yesterday Laloo has submitted the railway budget, with no hikes in fares, which gives got more appreciation to him. Also Sensex raised to 100 points in one day because of these budget, without doing anything in this.

I m really appreciate him for following reasons.
1. Increased sensex
2. Removed plastic and paper cups in Railways stations
3. Made a rule to use kadhar in trains.

Let we welcome these types of things, which can be observed only by the poor people. Anyway Laloooo is not a poor man, I believe.
Also he said few days before that "Indian Railways are the responsibility of Lord Vishwakarma,' said Laloo Prasad Yadav.
'So is the safety of passengers. It is his duty [to ensure safety], not mine.' "

1 comment:

Aravinth said...

hey the use of kadhar is most expensive than the paper one and also look at the hygenic factor...i think it is going to be reused which will cause a lot of problem..


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