Monday, July 26, 2004

Julie, FrnHt9/11

 Seen Julie on friday, states how a girl is being forced to be a prostitute due to her situation. Every theof also have a background story to become. Same way they have written a screenplay. climax is goodenough, they tried to make this documentary as a commercial film. confused...
An average commercial film.

Farenheit 9/11.
Michel Moore, a great thinker,no need to say more about him, he deserves. he waited 5 years to complete this movie, travelled 7 countries, met 6000 people and above,.. oh god, I cant imagine the efforts for this movie.
He concentrated on
1. Election results confusion(Gore Vs Bush)
2. Bush energy business with Saudi after & before
3. Bush vacation trips, emotion of Bush when got the news about WTO on 9/11
4. Local terrorism , which not taken care by USA Govt, instead their care about Saudi.
5. Army people selection
6. USA embassy in Saudi
7. Cost cutting in USA
8. Soldiers & their parents emotions(Tearful tragedies)
9. Congress politicians willingness to save Iraq
10. Saudi & Afganistan war

 Arun , if you want to shoot a documentary,  make  like this for this world, your name will be scripted in Stone as well as in our soul.

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Cogito said...

Yes sir. Point Noted.


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