Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Abhishek's has been assigned task to arrest a team of hi-tech theives who steals bank money in public with use of imported bike which goes 260 miles/hour. First half is really good. OOPs. Eesha, damn sexy girl, almost she tried to expose everything, succeeded too, good product of Hema. Udai, like a comedy hero helps in the bike technical technology, falls in love with Esha, done a very good job. Though Abhisek is in Hero roll, John is the real hero of the movie. He deserves, there is no surprise that Bipasa fell in love with him.

No logic only magic.
First scene itself they proved this. in the other part of a bridge not more than 300mts, they use a bomb to capture a truck, police doenst know from the other end of the bridge heheheh. that too the truck goes 20 feets up (thnx to rocket bombs)
Israel technology locks in the casino.. bla bla.
finally a senti climax with 007 type

Good masala, music, rich picturisation helps for the success of the movie
thanks for sub-titles in UK, since lot of brit's started watching Hindi movies.

John AbraDHoom.


Cogito said...

Original is a vin diesel flick..

Matter Mahadevan said...

just finished blogging on this :), its actually rehash of atleast 3 movies, fast and furious, torque and oceans 11


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