Friday, September 03, 2004


In Uk, we are getting 5 free channels as cable connection is too costly so we didnt opted for that, also we need telephone for cable connection.Here TV Serials are more popular than India, the only difference is serials are mostly likely like live relay.

Bigbrother, a super-dooper hit serial comes every year for 75 days in BBC-4. A group of guys and girls start living in a house as they like, managed by a voice(big brother), each and every week as per the vote from Viewers they remove one person from the group. The person who stays till end get a huge amount(65,000 pound).This serial comes once in a year.

Average Joe, same like our Suyamvaram, a beautiful girl dates with 4 good physically built guys and 4 average guys. same like Bigbrother each and every episode one guy will be thrown as per that girls decision. Finally.. mm, she is not going to marry the guy, just sleep with him for 2 days. Nalla enjoy panrangapppaa. Inge kanna kasakitu parkira velai ellam ille, just live and get money or enjoyment.

Advertisement are also good to watch. But the documetary's are tooo good here. enjoying my final week as a Bachelor after my marriage(my wife coming here next week:)).


Cogito said...

Oh. An Orwell-ian Sitcom ! (George Orwell the famous author coined the word " Big Brother" and wrote about it in his book " 1984" ).

Matter Mahadevan said...

Dude u missed the bachelor, bachelorette, etc etc :)


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