Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Jammy-Need to be Honoured

Cricket fans always appreciate and applause for the guys who opens or plays in slog overs or the match winner. Mostly they wont bother about the backbone of the team whos really made a clear innings. "If cricket is our religion, Sachin is our God"..mmhmmm thn what happend to the middle order batsmen. My favorite is always Dravid, watching each and every ball of 50 overs a keeper, consistency in most of the matches, never gone in rest for hurt, even not taken rest in the past 5 years. Why is he is not honoured or provided a man of the match(rarely he used to get).

I was thinking that he should honoured global wise. Today morning while watchig BBC-1 I got the news that Rahul Dravid was crowned Player of the Year and Test Player of the Year at the inaugural International Cricket Council (ICC) awards at Alexandra Palace here (london) Tuesday. I proud of these award because now he is honoured not only Player of the year also the test player. I am so happy than Dravid.

Go Head Jammy, get more awards!

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