Monday, August 09, 2004


I have been to Oxford last saturday. It is 37 miles away from the London, having lavish green all the way. I had a mind set that Oxford university will be in a single campus like India, even I was searching the campus. Finally I found that there is no campus as like. Some around 16 colleges in Oxford called as a University, Christ Church is the top among those colleges. Mazhaikalathulaiyavathu pallikoodam pakkam odhunganumnu periyavanga solluvanga, its raining here.

Oxford is meant for Antique, sculptures, paintings .etc. Ashmolean Museum is the most beautiful museum which we seen. Can found year-1900 BC items there. I found a girl's sculpture made up of White marble, in the second floor, I forgot the name, that is most wonderful sculpture have ever seen in my life. Museum has the collection of all countries when the conquered at that time, found 3 indian items too, from Rajastan. I have missed Modern Art museum as we were running short of time. will travel to the same place again to visit the missed places.


Cogito said...

India vandha "oxford return" nnu sollikalam !

gormandizer said...

Oxford yaravadhu poi Phenoyl pottu kazuvunga appa!!!! translated as "Someone needs to go and clean the Oxford with Phenoyl" its sanctity is gone since the visit of Binarywaves.


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