Monday, August 02, 2004

Kalyanam Panniyum Brahmachari

When I started my blog I made my mind not to write about my personal life here, however sometimes I have to revert it back to express to my thankful thoughts. It is very hard time for me when I left my family to UK after 1 1/2 months, yeah it should be, for all. Now I beleive every one can understand the title reflect my feelings.

My collegue Chandru and his wife planned for a get together on Sunday, also we can watch Asia cup finals(sri lanka Vs India). He arranged for the cable channel for us(even though it is costly). My friends prepared wonderful Payasam, pancha amirtham(really tastes like Amirtham) and Vada to make constructive from our side(my contribution is very little in these preparation). Finally we started our watching hoping India will win easily as they have the target of 229. Though we lost the match, I dont felt that it is a great loss for us, Zaheer's sixers convinced that Indian tail enders too fight well. In between we had our tasteful breakfast and lunch.

Chandru and deepa made the title was wrong, I felt like in a family though I am away. Thanks for Srinath and Anil for Payasam and Pancha amirtham.

Now I felt that title is somehow wrong in another way.

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