Monday, June 07, 2004

Back to Greencity

comeback to Bangalore after my marriage. Lot of news are there to update.

Thanks to all my friends who wished for my marriage and came from long distance to attend my marriage.

Thanks to Saravanan, Suresh, Satish, Vengi, Balaji, Nana, Basha, Thirumalai, Joe, Shanker, Senthil, Raghu, Punniya Murthi, Thiyagu and surprised from Sutherland Guys(Raghu, sowmi, Arun & Adhi.

I miss Saran and santosh.

1 comment:

anne said...

u miss some of ur friends but u dont miss me..huhuhuhuh...hik..hik.hik....:(

so many time i try to sms u but its allways failed. try to call u also..but it same...


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