Monday, June 21, 2004

Yahoogroups fanclub for SunTV tamil serial "Metti Oli"

I have found many yahoogroups that are dedicated to superhit English serials, mostly comedies, such as Friends, Seinfeld, etc.

Imagine my surprise when I found one yahoogroup run by fans of the superhit Tamil serial in SunTV, that goes by the name of metti oli (the sound of the metti) (metti is a ring-like jewel worn on the index finger of the right foot of a woman, indicating that she is married - this is more of a Tamil tradition)

It features episode summaries, title song download, pictures, links to interviews of cast, polls about future twists in the story, and so on. Recent discussions on what is happening in the story are pretty good. (Due to the constant pestering of one of my room-mates, we are forced to watch this serial without any option between 9 and 9:30 pm every week night.)

I guess tamil serials have finally met the digital age. :-)

You can access the group here.

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