Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Why BPO jobs?

Call center and ITES renovated Indian IT market better in the last year. I found a article which shows how BPOS jobs are better(?!) to join, with my comments.

First, ten reasons why you should join a BPO.

1).One can earn a quick buck and lots of it. The companies provide excellent remuneration packages compared to other industries. Freshers get anywhere between Rs 8,000 and Rs 18,000 per month depending on how much he/she can negotiate with the HR. Salaries sky rocket from Rs 10,000 to anywhere above Rs 35,000 if one decides to stick for three to four years

2) No technical qualification required (here fresh graduates fits and get jobs)

3) No investment needed to upgrade yourself unlike many other professions.

4) One’s communication skills can be greatly improved. Many shysters end up as articulate dudes.The call centres run Personality Development Programmes free of cost along with regular product and voice training. If you want to do it on your own, it will cost you at least Rs 8000.

5) You can actually imbibe a lot of knowledge depending on the industry you are working for, i.e insurance, finance, accounting, telecom, auto, computer hardware etc. The companies also provide international certifications for the industry trained in.(to show to their clients that they have qualified people)

6) You may be made to undergo the six-sigma and other quality control programmes hugely in demand in the corporate world.

7) You get good food for free and lots of recreational activities like gym, swimming pool, billiards, Internet for free. Also, one gets free home pick up and drops in AC cabs.(away from rush and sweating in bus travel, dont want to loose perfume smell till office)

8) The work environment of most of the international call centres is truly world class. Also, most of the international BPO firms insure their employees for free. Plus, there are parties and get togethers at excellent hotels and discs on weekends all paid by the company. Camping tours are also arranged by the companies at hill resorts. (to enjoy the youth)

9)There open feedback sessions during training which help you to know your strengths and weaknesses. You also learn team building skills and management.

10) Working in a BPO also helps while applying for a Visa to a foreign country . It gives you added points and helps if you are planning to immigrate as you are already familiar with their culture.

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true

10 reasons why you should not work in an international call centre-

1) The calls become monotonous after some time and you cease to enjoy your work. It gives little value addition to one’s personality after some time.

2)The life cycle gets topsy turvy. It becomes very difficult to adjust the body clock if one has worked in the night shift for over an year. If the shift is changing on a weekly basis, it is yet more difficult to adjust. One may develop several health problems which may persist over a long period((I dont like night shifts, as Call center operated mostly in night time accordingly to US day time)

3)Culture is totally changing to western model, loosing our traditional, dating are very casual in these profile(I give more importantance)

4) Along with training for a foreign accent, the trainers also encourage you to mould yourself into a particular culture. This may create deep psychological imbalance. It is difficult to lead a dual existence without uprooting oneself from the past.

5) One may get used to a foreign accent absolutely. It may sound vague and funny if spoken outside. Peers may think you are showing off and even worse if you are going for an interview in some other sector. (pete vidathan)

6) Experience in a call centre counts for little in other industries. One may find it difficult to change careers or even pursue higher studies.

7) The increasing pressure to achieve targets along with the changing body clock may develop long term stress and hypertension.

8) Easy money without any technical qualification may crush the impulse to educate further. This may create difficulty while trying to change industries. The easy money also makes one accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle.

9) The racial discrimination and abuses experienced from foreigners during calls may seriously affect one’s ego. (only for who works in call center for inbound and outbound calls)

10) A worst thing we are taking someone's job in US or UK for our survival :(

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