Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why Employees Leave Organisations?

- Azim Premji, Wipro
Every company faces the problem of people leaving the company for better
pay or profile.

Early this year, Arun, a senior software designer, got an offer from a prestigious international firm to work in its India operations developing specialized software. He was thrilled by the offer.

He had heard a lot about the CEO. The salary was great. The company had all the right systems in place employee-friendly human resources (HR) policies, a spanking new office,and the very best technology,even a canteen that served superb food.

Twice Arun was sent abroad for training. "My learning curve is the sharpest it's ever been," he said soon after he joined. Last week, less than eight months after he joined, Arun walked out of the job.

Why did this talented employee leave ? Arun quit for the same reason that drives many good people away. The answer lies in one of the largest studies undertaken by the Gallup organization. The study surveyed over a million employees and 80,000
managers and was published in a book called "First Break All The Rules". It came up with this surprising finding:
If you're losing good people, look to their immediate boss.Immediate boss is the reason people stay and thrive in an organization. And he 's the reason why people leave. When people leave they take knowledge,experience and contacts with them, straight to the competition.

"People leave managers not companies," write the authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. Mostly manager drives people away? HR experts say that of all the abuses, employees find humiliation the most intolerable. The first time, an employee may not leave,but a thought has been planted. The second time, that thought gets strengthened. The third time, he looks for another job.
When people cannot retort openly in anger, they do so by passive aggression. By digging their heels in and slowing down. By doing only what they are told to do and no more. By omitting to give the boss crucial information. Dev says: "If you work for a jerk, you basically want to get him into trouble. You don 't have your heart and soul in the job."

Different managers can stress out employees in different ways - by being too controlling, too suspicious,too pushy, too critical, but they forget that workers are not fixed assets, they are free agents . When this goes on too long, an employee will quit - often over a trivial issue. Talented men leave. Dead wood does'nt.

" Jack Welch of GE once said. A company's value lies "between the ears of its employees".


Cogito said...

I partially agree with it. I left one of my job for that exact reason.

ILA(a)இளா said...

when pressure is on you, sometimes we have to think and act how Aziz said.

Matter Mahadevan said...

Agree with it. In Indian IT, any senior engineer becomes a manager, and he/she is asked to lead a team without prior experience. This inability leads in attrition and leads junior members to move from one company to another looking for the right manager.

Sumeet said...

I agree with it 101%
I just joined this new company for exactly the same reason.
If it was not that way, I would've stayed there until my retirement.
I loved every bit of that organisation... apart for my managers treatment!

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