Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Security Patches

Later the software release, we used send the security patches. Is it possible for Security in Bangalore. Mail from my friend:
//Vinoth Alagesan//

Hi All,

I would like to share one incident which happened to my friend Gawtham, (He is working in Valtech), today early morning. He is staying in Belandur came from his native town to banglore at 4 AM. From Silk board he got into an auto and got down at Belandur (Out Ring Road, near Intel Office) and walked towards his house.

Suddenly one Toyota Qualis came and stopped in front of him and took him inside vehicle and started to move. Inside the vehicle there were 5 people including driver and already caught two girls. (My friend saw that girl's ID card and found they are
Wipro employees). They have tied everyone's legs ,hands and plastered their mouth.
Those thieves had taken all the credit cards as well as money from him. They asked him ATM PIN number for this debit card. This guy had given wrong number.One of the thief went to the ATM and tried withdrawing it.
Then he come to know it is invalid number. They beaten him up severely front and back. His hands got fractured and they had cut his fingers,hands using knife.
Then he told the correct number , those thief had withdrawn 18,000 from the ATM and
threw him away in some place near to Ramamoorthy nagar. He shouted for help. It is early in the morning ,everyone scared to come and have a look . He slowly moved towards the road and got a help from one kind heart person who had given him hundred rupees. He caught the auto and came to my house.
I couldn't able to forget the way he came to my house.This hands and legs are fully blooded as if he was met in an accident done by the vehicle. This back side has the red marks. I took him to the hospital.He is getting treatment now. He doesn't know what happened to those girls till now.

If you are staying late night , Plz Go only by your office cab.Take to your home for dropping you.

Folks, This is happened early in the morning. Make sure while coming from your native to bangalore, you will be reaching between 5 to 6AM and getdown in the Bus stand where there is crowd. But be very careful on your way to house. Unfortunately, If you are getting caught by thief, Give your cards,ATM number,jewels everything. Your Life is more precious than your money and belongings.

If it is not very important dont carry your credit and ATM cards everyday with you.

Please fowrard this information to all your dear ones and friends.

Vinoth Alagesan.

Stop, two more incidents.

This happend a year before
After the previous incedent, it is latest(Security Can't do anything on this)

Thanks to Rediff News And Friend(s) who forwarded the Information


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