Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sandal Veerapan

Finally Tamilnadu Police proved their skills. Hats off to Vijayakumar, the efforts he put for this is very big. Police acted as vegetable shopper even they entered to Jail to get information as acquest from Veerapans relative and partners and lot more.

It is not at all acceptable publishing his daughter in media. She even cant cry for her dad. Sorry about that girl. Please dont spoil her life.

The mystery ended as mystery, if they would have caught alive it might clears few questions but everything will go in Vain due to politicians. However few people will be in safer side. Cinema's(esp. vivek) criticised a lot Police on this issue, it came to an end.

But he has the image of hero among people, he is not a patriot or social service person to worry on his death. They have spent $40 million to catch him,

Thanks again to Tamil Police(STF).

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