Wednesday, October 20, 2004


City of Fashion,art. I spent last weekend there, 2 days is not enough to roam the whole paris. People are very friendly, respect and helpful, they hardly using english words,though they are using english letters for writing. They write in english letter but most of them dont know English.

Left handed drive, not bothering about Zebra crossing at all. Metro(under ground train) is the best to travel in Paris, wondered by seeing trains run in tyres like lorries and bus, also double decker trains. Connectivity is really good, anyway have to have a map. Taxis are also cheap.


Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph(like India Gate-delhi), Louvre Museum(collection of paitingings(Monalisa is here), sculptures, and antiques, Disney Land, Modern Art gallery, Pompidiu, Norterdam etc...

Not recommendable place for Vegetarians,ham and chicken for each and every food products.

Cross culture is more(white-chinese-afro-asian) than other countries. Asians(esp. chinese) are more found here, started populating here also? where ever you name it people will be kissing(too much), painting with their lips.

Dont miss the potrait from Street artist.


Cogito said...

Great to hear about your trip !

gormandizer said...

The potrait one was excellent really......


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