Monday, October 25, 2004

7/G Rainbow Colony

Me and my wife never watched a Tamil movie in Theater before. Even we tried to watch Ayutha ezhuthu when we were in Bangalore, but it didnt happen. On Saturday I happend to watch movie in London(Himalaya Cinema Hall, Southall), with some 20 people totally in the theater. We didnt have any plans on the day for movie, while crossing the theater my wife observed that this movie is going on, also 15 mins to goto start the movie, so we entered the hall without any doubt.

In a line about this movie "awaking inbetween while dreaming plesantly in the early morning".
Goodwork again from Selva Raghavan, reminds Dhanush for each and every scene, if Dhanush would have done this role, it will be well and good. but how many time he will do the same kind of role. Vikatan has given 46/100 for this movie. I think we watch it with family.

Worth watching it once

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Cogito said...

The music seems to be good too.Heard it a few days back.


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