Friday, April 30, 2004


We don’t have a function called engagement in Kongu Velala Gounder's caste though, nowadays we are also started this function for marriage. Previously we have the same as ordering for Mangalyam + selecting wedding saree(s)(Muhurtha Saree). We have reached the Mahal at 5:45, ensuring girl reached the place before us. I have been asked to receive all relatives and friends. Also few people were started the same. I started saying Vanakkam to all(Ippadi politicsla kumbidu pottu iruntha intha seasonku MP seat surea kedachu irukum). In between photographer called me couple of times for photo session adn asked me to give poses like hero(overda ILA). Though photos and video came very well. Function was started at 6:45am as it was scheduled for 6-7 am. Done some poojas and asked girl to sit on the stage(To make all of them aware the girl) and done some sadangu. The same thing happened for me , the real function started after that only. Both the relative came to stage and started their formalities. The dialogues were really funny..

Boy's relatives: " We came here for meet you people(girls relatives)"
Girl's relatives: " May we know what is the reason you came for?"
Boy's relatives: " We came here for a good thing"
Girl's relatives: " What is that?"
Boy's relatives: " To get engage my boy with your girl"
Girl's Relatives: " Ok, what is your expectation (money and gold)"
Boy's relatives: " up to you, no demand from our side"

Engagement over with exchanging and having water mixed with salt and another with sugar and Milk.

Folks! FYI Formally now I am engaged with the Girl

Reached Greencity

I have reached green city on Wednesday (28-Apr), yet to know these places well.
Autorichkshaw persons are quite cheaper here and genuine also.

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