Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Final Journey

It's a pleasant sendoff from my Noida friends had a good lunch (obviously, in our favorite place Saravana Bhavan) finish from my friends. Started my journey from Delhi with tears in heart, smile in lips and wishes from my friends.

I met a different character and very new person who came with his mother to Tamilnadu. First day in my life I communicate with a new language with that guy which I didn't used before. YES! He is dumb and deaf. First night in train was good in weather (rainy day) crossed MP, Maharashtra. Second day, really killed my mind coz the heat, which attacks, was like a fire. OOOPS! Really felt that why I didn't book for an A/C ticket.

Also a surprise, I was in search for a storybook on Agra station. Found a Crime Novel there. It helps me to spend some hours without any interruption.

Finally I have reached Erode at 2 hours delay (Thaai Mana Vanakkam). Lot of there to share with you.... but time is a constarint for me now. What ever I am in home and breathing Mothertown wind.......

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