Monday, March 13, 2006


It was a amazing weekend, done nothing other than watching TV and reading news paper. Few news are really surprising. One is that an IIM-B guy has a got a offer from Barclays Capital, Uk and offered a record breaking salary of $1,93,000 pa. Prior to this offer the highest paid was $1,84,000/-. Being an economic country guy It is a wonder for me and no wonder all IIMians will get abroad offer at one fine day.

Other was the great performance by South African Cricketers. When Australia scored 434-4, I just changed the channel and started watching movies and songs. it happend to go back to the channel when got bored with Songs and movies. Started jumping after looking at the score. they chased the huge runs ever before and snatched the Series. At the same time, on friday 4th match was also good and Aussies put lot of efforts to rule the series. SA deserves this victory and remains the World Cup Semi-final match who lost the match in only one Simple run. Though Anil Kumble's hit the Headlines, it was made nothing special as Murali at 600+ and my favourite Shane on 649. All the Best kumble chase the count, it is not a big deal for you. Look at the huge score ever made in Cricket ODI and chased to victory.

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Cogito said...

Aus-SA match was crazy man !


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