Friday, February 17, 2006

One Night @ the Call Center

Before giving a review on this book let you know how I read Chetan Bagath's 1st boot FIVE POINT SOME ONE. I bought this book couple of books before and read on January 06. I started reading 5.someone, before my train started. I was very serious for some time and started laughing loudly, most of the people in the place where looking strangely, though I cant avoid my laugh. It put me into all feelings, at the end tears about to roll my eyes. So I liked that book and my journey. I completed 5.Someone in one journey and closed it before reaching my home.

So the hype to 2 heavy as I seen the book in the roadside shop with Junker. I preferred Junker to buy 5.Someone and I bought One Night @ the Call Center. As I urged to read the book at the same night to feel as it is. The nearly 300 page book is extremely racy and also engaging. It is all the more interesting because the novel is centered on the contemporary world of India’s new generation. Book started well with Chetan's style. After the introduction, story started felt like in a call center (I worked in Call center for 11 months in hectic shifts, so I know the pain)

I was keen on knowing what Chetan will say in this book about an only one night and what will be interested in one night. Again very few characters in this story, will some simulation and feelings. Delhi’s (esp.: gurgaon) culture is away from Indian culture; this book opened the all pages of Call Center Culture in Delhi (Welcome to Western Culture, where is very fast adopted). Having 2 or more girl friends (vice versa for girls) loosing verginity.hhaaaaa we are in India?

The novel starts with the meeting of Chetan Bhagat and a young lady in a train and she tells him the story of a night at the call center in Delhi on the condition that it would be his next book. The story is viewed through Shyam, a call center agent and a tame team leader and it revolves on him, his colleagues Varun, Esha, Radhika, his girl friend Priyanka and an aged Military Uncle. Book is good, at the same time I am not convinced in few areas. Chetan you would not have accepted with Swirly Curly.

You know what is one line where Chetan got stuck
"God given a call to us in that night"

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