Thursday, February 02, 2006

Kama Sutra

It is not a Porn related blog, it is a Virus which is going to affect your Computer tommorrow(Feb-3-06)

Details: Sex sells and the new internet worm (Nyxem-E) nick-named the "Kama Sutra worm" because it spreads under the guise of pornographic content, has leap-frogged lesser viruses reaching top-spot on world virus charts.

Nyxem-E aka Kama Sutra is a mass-mailing worm which attempts to disable security-related and file-sharing software and destroys files of certain types. When run on a Windows PC, the worm copies itself to shared network locations, and sends itself to e-mail addresses found on the target computer. Nyxem-E, according to F-Secure, is programmed to disable anti-virus and firewall software, and delete certain files including Office documents, on the third day of every month.

The Kama Sutra worm arrives as an e-mail attachment, with different subject lines including "School girl fantasies gone bad," "The Best Videoclip Ever," "A Great Video," "give me a kiss," "Fwd: Photo," "Fw: Sexy," "You Must View This Videoclip!" "Miss Lebanon 2006," etc. The text differs; it may include references to the Kama Sutra - the ancient Sanskrit book on sex and related matters.

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gormandizer said...

did you learn this the hard way last time??? I know you would have opened the attachment...


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