Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Dog no job, stand no time (Karunas style). I dunno what is happening around me? Client visit, project dead line, house Hunt(as mouse hunt, chumma yedhugai monaikaga), purchasing for the house amenities,.. ooops lot of ...

Why I am describing all these, dont have time to blogging hehe :(. Even I dont know when India lost the last match, I heard the news on monday only(thank god I have n't seen that match).

Have to Watch Thalaivar's movie(theater is nearby though, I am not able to get tickets:( ). will try for this weekend.


கொங்கு ராசா said...

//Have to Watch Thalaivar's movie(//
not yet?? the whole blogworld is riding with tat..

hows ur 'Pioneer DEH 4650 MP'?? went for a long trip??.. i too plan for one migrating from old pioneer casette player..

gormandizer said...

is thalaivars film out in B'lore theatre?? Or are u going to watch it @ ur hometown.


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