Thursday, March 24, 2011

CricInfo Comments and Indian cricket Sentiments

We always have our own sentiments during cricket matches, Holding 1's and 2's, not scratching head, nail biting, more and more :). the following are collected from the Match between India Vs Aus in Quarterfinal match.

Aussie Innings:

Sunny: "At home, I am feeling the pressure of the game...I wonder what the players are going through."
Mel: "Aussies turning it around here...Ponting seems determined to prove a point...did India miss a trick by benching Sreesanth today? He would have sledged him out by now!"
@End of over 18 (10 runs) Australia 86/1

Shantu: "Munaf looks more and more like Venkatesh Prasad, bowling 5 slow balls and one slower!" That's being very unfair to Prasad!
@End of over 21 (5 runs) Australia 100/1

Ankit: "Ponting's innings is increasingly resembling the one he played in the 2003 WC final: starting slowly with careful nudges while getting the odd-boundary. I hope he didn't watch that part of the video where he explodes, because otherwise it might be curtains for India. "
Comment from CricInfo: Hmm, he didn't really begin slowly that day.
@End of over 25 (2 runs) Australia 116/2

Prashant: "Ponting has reached his highest score for this world cup!!!Conratulations and celebrations!!!Thats enough mate now time to go back and break another LCD!" Hooha!
@End of over 27 (2 runs) Australia 122/2

Sasikaran: "How good it would be if Sachin gets Ponting out now.. Both of them are playing their last world cup & for one it's his last world cup match." The latter may not be true you know.
Grumpy: "that could be the last time sachin bowled in ODIs." Too many hasty conclusions being made!
@End of over 32 (5 runs) Australia 146/3

Indian Innnings:

Talat: "Ponting just personified the phrase "Form is temporary - Class is permanent".... time for sachin to personify "Form is permanent - Class is Permanent"!"
@End of over 2 (11 runs) India 16/0

CricInfo: I wonder if Munaf Patel is watching the speeds on Lee's bowling. I wonder what he makes of it.
Mukunth: "Munaf might as well think that someone replaced the speedometer with an Auto Meter!"
@End of over 3 (4 runs) India 20/0

CricInfo: Amol Palekar is in the stands. No one is upto any golmaal, just yet.
Nitin: "Hope Amol Palekar's boss doesn't catch him seeing the match" Hahaha! By the way, Rajnikanth played Amol's role in the Tamil version of the movie - "Thillu mullu"
Mukunth: "The no. of matches Tait has played is less by 2 compared to Sachin's age. See, who is having a go at whom!"
Mike: "Amol Palekar?? Golmaal?? Please explain?"
Palekar - Bollywood legend. Glmaal - great Bollywood movie. Google for other details.
Kevin: "And there is Pankaj Udhas in the crowd! And Udhas unlike his name is Happy."
Udhas - great singer of ghazals. Google for more info.
Later Sometime by Vijay: "Google for more info". To know more about google, bing it."
@End of over 6 (4 runs) India 34/0

Utkarsh: 'I think I have crossed all boundaries when it comes to superstitions .. I took off my left shoe and Ponting got out .. some time later I took off my right shoe and Sehwag got out . Now am walking around with one shoe in my office !! "
ColinfromLondon: "18,000 runs! If runs were dinners it would take 50years to eat them. (well technically 49.31506 but still)"
@End of over 14 India 70/1 G Gambhir 3* Sachin 45*

Mukunth: "The no. of matches Tait has played is less by 2 compared to Sachin's age. See, who is having a go at whom!"
Karthik: "SRT has just entered the Cheat code and turned on the God Mode."
@End of over 15- India 76/1 G Gambhir 8* Sachin 46*

Neeraj: "Utkarsh, you removed your shoe?"
@End of over 19 India 98/2 , Sachin was OUT 53 (68b 7x4 0x6) SR: 77.94

Karthik: "Heart in the mouth moment for yuvraj, heart in the mouth moment for the whole of India. No more thrillers please"
Sathya: "For once, India is chasing well under pressure. I really really hope they dont throw it away. Virat's horrendous shot and now the run out.. "
@End of over 33 India 168/3

Johnson to Yuvraj Singh, no run, there are no fish in the Kankaria lake in Ahmedabad, but Yuvraj is really fishing hard. Another lazy flail at a back of length ball outside off, swish and a miss.
Johnson to Yuvraj Singh, FOUR, and you wonder why he does that fishing thing, when he can play shots like these.

37.3 Lee to Dhoni, OUT
Abhishek: "Looks like Indian players are getting ready for IPL ...."
Tait with a slip, over the wicket. Australia are going for the kill.
@End of over 38 (wicket maiden) India 187/5

Sasank: "When ever I move from my desk , I see a wicket down.. Now holding my bladder tight... India you will do it...."
Jim: "Shoes! Shoes! everyone take off your shoes!"
@End of over 42 (2 runs) India 222/5

Md Akhtar: "I am not moving from my place, old Indian trick. Fingers crossed. :-)"
@End of over 46 (7 runs) India 246/5

Sai: "Buh-Bye! Restroom here i come!!"
Kedar: "This innings ranks at the very top for Yuvraj... a gem of an innings under immense pressure, what a transformation!"
Priyadarshini: "The last time Australia hadn't played the world cup final was 1992. Things changes and I am loving it."
Its ME: Save TV's(beware of Ponting)

Sweet edu, kondaadu. NO NO it's time for LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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